24、The United States Supporting Ultra-Conservatives Islamist of Saudi Arabia Is a Behaviour That Helps Devils to Fight Against God

23 January 2015

The United States supports ultra-conservatives Islamist of Saudi Arabia on the issues of Islam, who is called ‘jezebel’, because this is typical behaviour that helps the devils to fight against God. They support anyone who can benefit them without any principle and justice. For national profit, they even support heresy to do harm to people and act like a barbarian in such a civilised world.

Moreover, the US also supports the ultra-conservatives to fight against Iran, the Islamic reformist, which causes that IS gets stronger, becoming a devil worse than the Taliban.

We can understand that the Taliban is rooted in Afghanistan because this country is so poor. Endless wars and desperate poverty make Afghanistan one of the ten poorest countries in the world. Even so, they have said some sensitive words. This shows that we can offer them a chance to change. It is better if they learn from China to earn more money, as well as behave themselves, abandoning evil religions and leading a good life.

They are so poor that they are bribed by devils. However, we cannot understand that with such a large number of money how can such a geek rise from IS. In fact, in order to fight against Iran, the United States supports conservative Islamic conservative, Saudi Arabia, Yemen as well as devils. They even support IS to overturn the president of Syria.

American government is problematic on this issue and deserves the judge because it supports devils to fight against God and do harm to people.

On the one hand, American government presses ahead with human rights and declaims other countries; on the other hand, it circumcises women in its Arab allies. They cut off reproductive organs of females with shavers violently without anaesthetics. Police cut off people’s head in public. They even killed a foreign woman two days ago. However, they adopt double standards because people who commit adultery, rape, and robbing will be put to death according to the law. They are indeed devils because all democracy and human rights they advocate are false. They are the great devil in the Bible.

People should have their own principles and should not ally with devils to do anything for their interests. They will be spelled if they change the law of God.

Finally, American government is abandoned and hated by other countries. This is what they get with their logic. Fake things will always be false and they must wake up finally. IS will no longer support them. In the future, there will be more countries going to abandon them until all countries give them up.

One of the basic laws of God is that God loves everybody, no matter he or she is black or white, rich or poor, God treats everyone equally. All wealth that God creates should be shared by everyone and cannot be occupied by only one person. However, all American government has done is going against the willingness of God and creates the evil things as well as inequality in the world.