23、The ‘Great Vamp’ in the Revelation Just Refers to the System of Democracy, Freedom, and Human Rights

20 January 2015

What is vamp? It is total lack of principle, standard and outlook of right and wrong. Anyone can coitus with them as long as has benefits and they can do anything with anyone. Even if facing with devil, they can do it considering benefits.

Your democratic country is committing adultery with the devil, also compromises and concessions with the devil, Islamic devils want to rule the world created by God and your democratic ‘vamp’ who protect Islam and compromise with Islam. It is treason to God.

Talking democracy with Islam is to commit adultery with the devil, to help Islam to be in power, to fight against God.

Giving the Islamic freedom is to commit adultery with the devil, let it free expansion, to against God. Plunder God’s resources, harm the people of the Lord.

Giving the Islamic human rights is to commit adultery with the devil, give the devil umbrella, help them escape the punishment of justice.

The right is right, the wrong is wrong, the black is black, the white is white.

Don't need democratic discussion, justice is objective existence, does not need to be recognised, also don’t need to discussed. It doesn’t mean that some people do not recognise justice. Some people do not agree with, justice can become evil? It is the logic that do not take responsibility for justice. Nobody does not have the responsibility, she just have to make money and commit adultery and do not care about justice. Democracy is the ‘vamp’ behaviour.

The devil needs restraint, not freedom. Giving freedom to the devil is ‘vamp’ behaviour.

The devil is not human, does not need human rights. Giving human rights to the devil is the vamp’s behaviour.

I say you are a sissy, is light and well, the Bible says you are ‘vamp’.

So I have been emphasising on this problem, democracy, freedom, and human rights do need to protect, but the premise is, after we realise the national governance, maintaining the state and social, safeguarding the interests of the state and we can talk about this problems.

Just like the world is dominated by men, men need love by women. But it does not mean that women can take control of everything and the world.

The concept of a woman can be interpreted as giving people the democracy and free human rights.

The world is dominated by the justice and rationality. The person who is in power needs to love people, give people the democracy, freedom, and human rights, but it is not to say that we let the democracy, freedom, and human rights to control everything. After the rationality and justice govern the world, people can enjoy more democracy, freedom, and human rights.

Because justice and truth are often in few person’s hands, first we need the governance and order of the country and the world. We can talk about democracy, freedom, and human rights.

Democracy, freedom, and human rights are a kind of welfare benefits to the people after the national governance well, and it is a kind of luxury. It needs waste a lot of social resources, also the efficiency is very low.

The way of Yin and Yang, the man wants to love a woman and the woman must obey the man.

National managers need to love the people and the people need to obey the national management and social order. This is the basic operation of the world and God’s law.

It is also the philosophy of Yin and Yang of China. There are prehistoric civilisations.

Democracy is against the principle. So God called it ‘vamp’. Saudi Arabia is a typical government do not love the people that beheading women on street, men do not love women, is a devil’s behaviour.

The woman may have some emotional problems, some mistakes, but sin not unto death. And the emotional problems of a woman is caused by a man that do not love a woman. Love has many ways, letting her go is a kind of love, finding reasons to kill other, cutting her head off. This is the devil’s brutality. Only the devil could do.

So the Islam is anti-God cult and needs to be exterminated.