22、Ukraine Problem

8 January 2015

We have known since childhood that the Russians are brave and skilful in battle, which made them never be defeated. The troops of Hitler and Napoleon respectively were both defeated in Russia.

However, the inner problem could not be solved by battle. The former Soviet Union consisted of many nations and countries and was led by Russia. It was like a team: being comrades-in-arms when in battles and being marketing team when in peace and running for living. A group of brothers run after the team leader, to fight for market, to conquer the market, to make fortune together, to feed themselves together, and to live a happy life.

But when the brothers could not make money from the team and could not gain greater interests other than setting up its own business, the team collapsed.

Even wives would run away in this worse situation, let alone brothers.

I used to be upset with the government’s ethnic policy in China. Ethnic minorities in China always enjoy super-national treatment and even foreigners can enjoy this treatment as well in China. Ordinary citizens are normally unsatisfied with this unfair treatment. But to review this circumstance in the perspective of practical situation, the approach applied by Chinese Government in handling ethnic problems turns out to be correct and it is also the essence of Chinese harmonious culture over thousands of years.

It is precisely due to this kind of ethnic culture and harmonious culture that ethnic problems were not big issue in China all the time, even when China went through tremendous domestic chaos and external pressure. Ethnic problems were always on small scale.

The super-national treatment China applied to ethnic minorities can compensate for their lack of security and their sense of inferiority. On the other hand, it would help ethnic minorities feel that the Government cares for them, is willing to help and protect them, and will stand on their side to solve the problems they are facing.

It is of certain that battles are required in wartime, but the purpose of war is for peace and for peaceful life.

Battles cannot be relied on in peacetime. The main task in peacetime is to lead brothers to make money, as everyone has to raise a family and is smart enough to make its own calculation and wants to live a happy life.

Someone would like to antagonise and counter, but the rest of the family may have different ideas. Everyone was realistic and the key point was whether they had money and whether they were living a happy life. Whether to antagonise or not is the trick of politicians and has nothing to do with ordinary people who at most act as cannon fodder or onlookers or victims or puppets.

Even now I still do not understand why Russia still tangle with other former Union members even as the former Soviet Union has collapsed, Russia has democracy and has the same values and ideology.

We China have always adhered to socialism and now we should call it state capitalism. We have ideological differences with western cultures. The problems we tangle with Western countries belong to the field of ideology.

The problems that Russia still tangle with Western countries do not belong to the field of ideology as the former Soviet Union has collapsed. I still do not understand why Russia still tangle with Western countries as Russia has not stood in communism. The only reason may be imperialism and to struggle for supremacy, otherwise I do not how to explain.

It is not objective to struggle for supremacy and the reason for human struggle is money and interests. America did have money and gained interest in the struggle for supremacy, but Russia seemed to gain no interest.

That’s why I think Chinese people are wiser. It is absolute truth when Deng Xiaoping created the theory of black cat and white cat. It is the root of the root to pay attention to interests rather than difference and doctrine when confronting problems. The reason why the brothers are willing to follow the boss is to gain interest, after all. If it is not for a happy life, not for making a happy life for the family, not for houses, cars, family members, or fortune, then what else is worth struggling for? It is nonsense to fight against the exception of the above items and it is pretences and excuses used to fool the ordinary people and it is kind of heresy.

In my opinion, corruption is not a severe problem. The essence of corruption is that the boss enjoys a larger part of the fruit while the brothers share the smaller rest. But generally speaking, everyone enjoys the fruit. This could be regarded as conclusion, as everyone enjoys the fruit, but why to come up with the issue of fairness and unfairness? There is no absolute fairness on earth. It is reasonable that corruption is like the lubricant to economy and it can help promote the development of economy and lift the GDP.

The first step should be solving the problem of fruit and money and then considering the distribution when money and fruit is gained. It needs to be executed step by step.

The issue of fairness should be based on interest. It is nonsense and kind of heresy to talk about fairness if where is no interest.

China has come to the second step: to talk about fairness on the basis of interest.

Money is the fixed index, and without money, all types of problems will come forth. Money could be used to solve every problem and it answers all things. It is absolute truth in the aspect of state governance.

In my opinion, the Ukraine problem is the problem of money. As the old Chinese saying goes, man struggles upwards and water flows downwards. Divorce, remarrying, and group collapse will happen if there is lack of money.