21、The Birth of Israel

11 December 2014

Since the founding of Israel, Israeli-Palestinian conflicts have been unceasing.

Islam is a religion, which is severely misled by false prophets, and belongs to heresy. Palestine is an area controlled by heresy.

Religious leaders can foresee the future so it’s called religion just like Buddhism and Christianity. They know what happened and what will happen in the world. Hence, disciples are edified first to follow their fate. Only Islam doesn’t have a prophet. Therefore, it’s recorded in the Holy Bible that Islam is a religion misled by false prophet and needs to be exterminated.

It’s because their false prophet didn’t notify its disciples but misguided them to disturb the world of God and cause trouble, thus triggering universal anger. Accordingly, it’s heresy and shall be wiped out.

The birth of Israel is written in black and white in the Holy Bible thousands of years ago. The entire world has witnessed it and it’s an established fact.

Yet those Muslims are still entangled in disputes with God all the time.

What Palestine people need to do is to negotiate about relocation compensation with Israeli, such as where to relocate, which country is willing to accept them, how much should be compensated, when compensation can be in place and when they can live with assurance. There’s nothing else to talk about. It’s a waste of time and efforts.

Jews is the cleverest in earning money and should spend some money in making Palestine people settle down. Money can solve all problems. Money answers all things.

The so-called religious leaders of Islam don’t admit the Holy Bible, don’t admit the prophecy of the birth of Israel in the Holy Bible, and don’t cooperate with the Holy Bible to help Israel with its founding either but they keep intertwined with Israeli. It’s obviously noted from the matter that those so-called religious leaders are false prophets indicated in the Holy Bible. They know nothing about the Holy Bible and God, mislead disciples, and cause trouble to Israel and the world. They make chaos everywhere. They are typically devil and heresy.

Over half of the chaos of the world is caused by Islam. If they are not heresy, what can they be?

The evilness of Islam cannot completely have its disciples to blame. Instead, those false prophets are full of nonsense all day long and cannot lead its disciples at all. Even they can betray what’s black and white in the Holy Bible, let alone to deliver oracles of God to disciples. Those so-called Islam ringleaders should be captured first so as to prevent them from poisoning disciples and the world, making trouble for God and giving rise to bad things.