20、It Is Just a Sissy and Fake Eunuch to Crack Down on Drug Dealers

11 December 2014

There must be collusion between officials and bandits, and cruelly oppress and exploit the common people in developed countries if they fail to assure public security.

At present, whether for developed countries or developing countries, the public security is chaotic, among which the most prominent issue is caused by drug dealing.

Many countries especially American states, drug-dealing activities are flooding for the United States is the world’s largest drug consumption market, all the American states want to take a bite, eagerly supplying drugs for the United States, which makes the entire America a mess.

In the Middle East, the chaos is caused by Islamic cult, while in American states it is the drug consumption of the United States that cause the chaos.

The most eye-catching thing about drug traffickers in Mexican is they like skinning live people, killing them, and burning their corpses. But the situation in Mexico is not the worst, at least Mexican citizens are strongly fighting against drug traffickers.

For some other American states, they integrate with drug traffickers, drug trafficking has been taken as a default for all people.

Drug dealing is a typical devil. Drug is the most typical devil to confuse human beings, a tool and a weapon to control people. Because drug does no good for the body and it will change subconscious of human beings, making people lose their human nature. Drug addicts have completely sold their soul to the devil, they are not human beings any more, instead they are soldiers of the devil. And they will serve for the devil. They no longer believe in God. Therefore, drug addicts are both victims and traitors. They betrayed God and took refuge in the devil, becoming the devil’s servant.

The most evil things are the drug traffickers. They are not only the servant of the devil, but also the thug and leader of devil. They are dedicated to capture people against God. So they all should be put to death.

Drug traffickers not only should be put to death, their organs should also be cut down and transplanted to the people who need organ transplants, saving the lives of others. Only in this way can they atone for their crimes. They need to be punished with more severe penalty for death is not enough to punish their crimes. Using the devil’s way to punish devil, that’s what we called justice.

Right is right, wrong is wrong, black is black, white is white. The devil is the devil. Human being is human being.

Mistakes made by human need to be dealt with in a human’s way. Damage caused by devil need to be dealt with in devil’s way.

When the amount of drug trafficking is above certain grams, then the traffickers must be put to death immediately; if they dare to deal drug and kill people, their organs will be cut down. No hesitation, no negotiation, no bargain.

This is justice. This is how we safeguard the dignity and glory of God. In kingdom of God does not allow the existence of devil, the devil must be completely extinguished.

It is the implementation of American theory of sissy human rights that cause the disorder globally, as well as social chaos, lack of justice, and popular indignation.

Using America’s so-called human rights theory to fight against the devil, which is a sissy, it is a giggle and flirt the devil, just posing and fake eunuch, which is irresponsible to mankind. They don’t burn any bridges. So that when they did something evil they can use the medallion to save their lives.

In my opinion, America’s report of torture is mainly aimed at terrorism, they should take some necessary measures against those cult of devil who hang people’s head on the poles. That’s nothing wrong.

There is deficiency in the theory of human rights of the United States, it has serious right tendency, trapped by his own theory, which is unable to protect justice.