19、Allowing the Public to Have Guns Marks the Barbarousness and Ignorance

8 December 2014

What does having a gun mean? It means the deprival of others’ lives at any time. Guns are used to deprive others of lives.

Every American has a gun, which means American people are ready to deprive others of lives whenever and wherever possible. The others refer to American citizens rather than foreigners.

The aboriginal people of primitive tribes always held spears. Now the society has developed and killing people has been more effectively, so spears become backward and should be replaced with guns. It is the difference between American and aborigines of primitive tribes in security administration, and there is no essential difference.

America is a benchmark and all the troubles are caused by the democracy carried out by America casually. America deserves to be bashed because America has enough money to conceal many social problems; while other countries are not so much as, maybe much poorer, than America, so they have many obvious and serious problems, which are much more outrageous than those of American and more barbarous.

For example, the public in Brazil all hold heavy firepower weapons, and Brazilian citizens like taking drugs and having firefights with heavy firepower weapons besides playing football, and they need to kill one person every ten minutes.

Chinese like crossing the road randomly and sometimes litter, which is uncivilised. However, comparing with being prepared to kill people whenever and wherever possible, Chinese are much more civilised than American. The uncivilised behaviours of Chinese are so ordinary that can be ignored directly.

The small country, Brazil, needing to kill one person every ten minutes to maintain the democracy, by contrast, can be considered as the civilisation of civilisations.

Moreover, American constitution allows the public to have guns. I felt strange the first time I knew it. Why is killing people with guns included in the constitution? What kind of society is it? What kind of country? What is the logic? What is the civilisation?

The civilisation of the whole country is established on the basis of having guns to kill people, and the whole country shall collapse without the guarantee of killing people with guns.

For common people, the damages brought by social chaos and casualties are different from those brought by causalities in war.

Social management chaos may cause much more serious damages to ordinary people, because the deaths in wars are predictable, temporary, and regional while the deaths caused by social chaos are unpredictable and the fear and death can come for people at any time, in any place. The fear and restlessness go deep into souls. It is a world in the control of devils.

Besides material civilisation, spiritual civilisation is more important for the world in the control of gods. Safety is the most essential need of men, the most basic condition for people to realise spiritual peace and the most basic requirement of civilisation.

Allowing the public to have guns is a manifestation of demons let out every one thousand years, showing in the aspect of having guns. The devils are destroying the old social system. After locking up the devils one by one, the new system shall be established then.

Therefore, allowing the public to have guns marks the dominance of barbaric and ignorant devils. People need to find the way to solve the problem.