18、There Should Be National Compensation in Ferguson’s Case

27 November 2014

In China, in addition to criminal conviction, there is always economic compensation in such cases. Because the Afro-American family was really suffered a great loss, they should be given economic compensation. No matter it is an individual or state compensation, after all, they’ve lost a family member and they should be compensated.

The police could be not guilty, but the state should compensate hundreds of thousands of dollars for the family.

And there won’t be any riots.

In the process of law enforcement, the police encountered violent resistance, and he had to pull out the gun to defend himself, which got the Afro-American killed, regardless of the details the truth is like this.

The police was on behalf of national interests during law enforcement, the Afro-American defied national law and attacked the police, as a result the police had to pull out his gun for self-defence, therefore, the verdict of innocence is reasonable.

But the shooting behaviour involved the problem of excessive defence and caused serious consequences, which shall be compensated. The police was on duty when he made that mistake, so the adverse consequences and liability of compensation should be taken by the state. Based on the actual losses, the government should give proper compensation to the family.

The policeman represents government, loss of citizens caused by policeman who is on duty, so it shall be the government to make compensation, which is a sure thing.

The government made a mistake without compensation might cause problems, which is the cause for riots. Because the right of citizen is abused by the state, if there is no access to get national compensation, which will entitle them have all rights to make disturbance.

I don’t know why there is no national compensation in the United States.

While in China, it is called costs for maintain stability.

It is said that China’s costs for maintaining stability is more than military spending. I don’t know whether it is true and how it is calculated. In a word, the government should pay for it.

The United States is so developed and rich, when the government made a mistake, why can’t it take responsibilities? It is their behaviour of avoiding responsibility and buck-passing that caused social unrest and injustice.

I think the problem lies in public capital. The people of the United States are rich, but the government is poor.

Due to funding problems, the US government often faces with problems such as closing door and housecleaning. They have no money for national compensation?

That’s why the national error couldn’t get a compensation and caused deficiency of justice.

The funding of Chinese government can be said it is to be infinite. So they can infinitely, regardless of the price to protect justice and carry out national compensation.

The US government should follow God’s will to nationalise God’s land mineral, using the income of state-owned capital to maintain justice.

In America, such a small event could cause a riot, only explains that their level of social management is still in the stage of small-scale peasant economy, which is very backward.