17、Extreme Countries Shall Not Keep Nuclear Weapon

12 November 2014

From recent situation and behaviours of Korea, it seems many things done by America are reasonable. It did not solve problems fundamentally, but at least solved them superficially.

Korea and China are all socialist countries, at least their banners are.

Socialist system in China is very successful now. People’s living standard improves obviously. Society is in an orderly way and harmonious. Economy develops rapidly. China has got significant development.

Even our opponents and adverse camps, who keep different ideology but appreciate each other with us, applaud, congratulate, and learn from us.

Korea, the so-called socialism country who keeps the same ideology and is in the camp with us, makes a stink face to us.

Korea may show a cool attitude. No one prevents it. Korea is qualified to do that when it does better than China in any part, such as living standard of people, economy, and social harmony.

The thing is that Korea has nothing. It is nonsense without a single redeeming feature.

Korean people think about how to escape from Korea, a den of monsters or concentration camp, all the day. They will be executed by shooting when grabbed.

Thinking of China helped Korea for ideology previously, it was not a good deed but played the jackal to the tiger, helped a tyrant to victimize his subjects, and supported evil to hound Korean people to death.

As a ruling party, its potentates do not seek social goods for people, but consider about nuclear weapon all day long, and commit murder and arson. This is hideous.

Iran is also like this. Iran’s problem is not in people’s living standard but religion.

At present, the largest menace to the world is unification of the state and the church of terrorism in Iran. However, Iran is the spirit headstream of Islam Shia. The age of Islam Shia is in Iran.

Now, the Mohammedanism problem is furious and seriously threatens human security in the whole world.

All terrorist activities in the world are all related to Mohammedanism. All bad things did by Islam are all related to the age. And all bad things did by Mohammedanism are all related to Iran.

What is the motivation and purpose for the aims of Shia in Iran to develop large-scale weapons of mass destruction?

Iran develops nuclear weapon to raise global terrorist activities and communal conflicts to nuclear level.

On the one hand, it pretends to be a good man. On the other hand, it pampers mobs to commit murder and arson, and all manners of crimes.

Gangdom and bad people do this in all ages.

Mohammedanism wants to unify the world by force and threaten world security. All religious sects of Mohammedanism are like this, including Iran.

Therefore, Iran is absolutely disallowed to develop nuclear weapon for its absolute unfavoured motive.