16、To Cure What’s Not Cured Rather Than What’s Cured and To Solve What’s Not Solved Rather Than What’s Solved

13 October 2014

It’s a classic sentence in Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor, China’s most ancient collection. In my opinion, Huangdi’s Internal Classics belongs to prehistoric civilisation. Together with several other classics, it is a gift left to Chinese people and people on earth by God, including oracle and rules of the universe. Ancient Chinese people have used it for thousands of years and now need to use them to adjust and rectify human relations on earth.

It’s chaos all over the world because those ancient theories cannot solve relations between people, people and society, people and the great nature as modern productivity becomes highly developed, human technique, and science and technology develop to a certain degree.

To put it simple, old revolution cannot solve new problems. Ideologies and cultures that have been followed for thousands of years cannot solve problems in the process of developed productivity.

Ancient Chinese people had long received oracles and invented China’s ancient feudal ethical codes and doctrines of Confucius and Mencius and created ancient Chinese civilisation but now they need to be corrected.

Foreign people haven’t received true and complete oracles all the way.

Even part of religions is kept but it’s incomplete and cannot solve present problems. Instead, it will cause a lot of trouble.

‘To cure what’s not cured rather than what’s cured and to solve what’s not solved rather than what’s solved’ is what God truly wants to see. This is the expected purpose and conception.

It’s the ultimate objective of China’s building a harmonious society.

We should not take measures after turmoil takes place in a society, country or the universe. We need to address fundamental contradictions between mankind and the universe, eliminate all factors that may lead to contradictions before contradictions and chaos break out, and make contradictions never happen and at least wipe them out at their budding stage.

I have interpreted such concept in other articles. Now I think such opinion is not only an academic theory but also prehistoric civilisation and oracle.

God hopes that human earth and universe can be operated in this way.

As long as all contradictions and problems can be coped in advance, the entire country, mankind, and the universe will keep running in a harmonious way.

There’s no need of war, slaughter, extinction, hatred, suspicion, fear, despise, and . . .

If human society is full of these things such as war, slaughter, extinction, hatred, suspicion, fear, and jealousy all the day long, it’s the shame of God and it’s the failure of God.

God created the world, but God listens to varied grudges against the world every day.

Grudges against the world are grudges against God.

It’s normal that few people have problems.

Most people in most countries of the world are having grudges against the world. They are not grudging. They are declaring failure and incompetence of God.

It’s the last thing God wants to see and it’s the most frustrating thing for God.

God created mankind and the world not to look for blame, grudge, and hatred.

Instead, God wants to see everything is going well and all things are operating in a harmonious way. Only in this way can God feel a sense of achievement and God’s work is meaningful.

All things are created by God. Love for all things indicates approval of God.

Grudge against anything created by God is negation of God and hatred for God.

If all people like all things created by God from the bottom of their heart, it’s the glory of God.

Then how can we like all things created by God rather than grudge and hatred?

We need to have the following:

A body which is to be cured before getting ill.

A world which is to be solved before getting chaotic.

For physical health, it’s a life ending up without illness.

For the world, it’s a harmonious society, a harmonious country, world, and even a harmonious universe.

If mankind cannot achieve it, it’s not necessary for mankind to exist because their existence is causing trouble to God. It’s better to disappear as early as possible.