15、Small Countries Have No Culture

20 September 2014

I usually learn about the cultural level of a country through some literary works. In my opinion, great powers are very different from small countries.

Great powers have thought and culture while small countries have no thought and culture in the aspect of literary works. On the whole, the greater a country is, the more culture it will have; the smaller a country is, the less culture it will have. This feeling is true whether the country is rich or poor.

As a great power, it will face many contradictions and the collision of various nations and ideas. To balance all kinds of power and contradictions and strike a balance in such a great power, it is necessary to consider the interests and demands of a large number of people.

To set up a country and maintain national unity under such complicated conditions, culture is needed to unify thoughts.

However, small countries and single-nationality states do not have this problem. There is not so much for them to consider. Meanwhile, there are not so many contradictions in their society. Therefore, most of their citizens have well-developed body and simple mind. There is no need for them to consider others’ interests. Therefore, they do not show any culture, quality, inner quality, and upbringing. All in all, they seldom contribute to world peace and development. Most of their literary works are not worth reading.

As a great power, America advocates freedom. American movies mostly promote the personal culture which shows democracy, freedom and human rights. American culture is the culture of personal liberation. Certainly, some American movies also cover the culture showing social contradictions and revealing the idea of dissatisfying with the current situation.

India has culture, with a lot of intensive contradictions. India has caste system, capitalism, and various religions. The disordered management of the Indian society is also related to a variety of intensive and complicated contradictions.

Compared with America, Europe has capitalist culture and a long history of traditional culture. In the past, there were many cultures. Now, Europe is split into a number of small countries that have less culture.

Some small countries show some behaviours, which lack culture and quality, disgusting people. Only uneducated people will do such a thing. Educated people will never do that.

For instance, Malaysia Airlines hijacked the aircraft for political appeal, Philippine police refused to make an apology after killing Hong Kong tourists, North Korea executed artists by shooting, IS hung human heads on telegraph poles. However, they were not a country. With low quality, Islam just had no culture. Japanese refused to admit World War II.

These things can only be done by cockroaches and rats. Educated people will not do these things. So small countries do not need culture. With low quality, most of them are not educated.

For personal interests, they will do everything and lose the moral bottom line.

Some small countries are very dirty and shameless. A lot of turmoil, wars and war chaos in the world are caused by uneducated people.

Today, do people need to be cultured and consider and respect others’ interests?

It is not enough just by depending on personal culture, individualism, and personal interests. Global view and the concept of overall planning are necessary.

Only public ownership and even worldwide public ownership can do it. It is possible and involves a kind of concept and thought.

I think it can be realised as long as the idea and concept can be spread.

Without good examples, and good and correct guidance, people are influenced by a lot of political expediency.

Small countries are just the concrete manifestation of such political expediency. For personal interests, they usually build armies, set up countries, and establish regime.

Culture refers to a kind of consensus, concept, and system of common prosperity, co-existence, and common development in a complex environment of intertwined interests of different populations.

Small countries have no culture. They do little things. Immature, self-willed, and casual, they do not consider long-term interests and others’ interests.

Why don’t small countries have culture? They do not need deep culture. Without considering the interests of many people, they only need to unify thoughts within a small range and achieve the goal of stabilising the situation through simple and crude intimidation, slaughter, and suppression.

Even in some countries, hundreds of people can launch a military coup and overthrow the government, which just requires hundreds of people to unify their thoughts and balance benefits.

However, it is totally different in a great power. If a great power handles things simply and crudely, others will be cruder. It cannot suppress all the people and occupy the dominant position all the time.

A great power has to balance the interests of all parties. Therefore, a great power has to possess a set of convincing excuses, theories, thoughts, and cultures.

However, the majority of small countries do not have them because they do not need them. Otherwise, they will not be small countries.