14、National Secession and Independence

13 September 2014

The current world is in a mess with chaos happening incessantly, which is mainly attributed to national secession and independence as well as barbaric ignorance of religions. Now, let’s analyse national secession and independence first.

Britain is absurd. It instigated rebellion and independence in Hong Kong, China, but failed. Instead, rebellion and independence happened in its own country first. Scotland became independent quickly. The course of nature goes round and what goes round comes round. One cannot do too many wrong things; otherwise, he would be the first one to suffer.

National independence became the liveliest thing in modern times and contemporary era. Why? It is because of individual culture advocated by capitalism. Because individual culture of democratic civil liberty advocates individual benefits first, and individual benefits are protected first and primarily, then it comes national interest.

Therefore, all territories are also pursuing territory benefits and national benefit maximisation. Since only if it is independent can it do things according to benefit maximum of its own country, territory, and nation can it protect benefit maximisation of its own country, territory and nation.

Therefore, the Soviet Union disintegrated the moment it wanted democracy. Everyone advocated individual benefit maximisation and no one would sacrifice his own individual benefit, territory benefit, and national benefit.

Individual culture of capitalism is the most fundamental reason for national disintegration and independence one after another.

Individual culture cannot guarantee every nation’s benefits are protected sufficiently. Individual culture cannot plan and coordinate benefit gains, losses, and disputes of all nations, since individual culture was not born to coordinate and unify. Besides, individual culture is born to fight against coordinating and unifying, common benefit and shared benefit. It is against communist goals proposed by Marx and Communist Party.

When there are common interests economically, the problems would be covered up; everyone can live in peace with each other temporarily in order to divide the spoils. Once crisis happens, economy declines, the spoils are not divided evenly or are not enough to divide, contradictions would break out immediately. Everyone breaks up and shares the booty.

No morning sun lasts a day. There are always ups and downs in life, and this is the rule of the universe. However, the group disintegrates the moment when problems and crisis happen, it is not beneficial to solving the problems and living through the crisis. Everyone has fortunate and unfortunate times in his life. When he is fortunate, he should help others out. When he is unfortunate, he receives others’ help. This is called casting one’s bread upon the waters and accumulating virtue, which is blessed.

This most impudent and absurd thing of democracy is to let some street hooligans and local ruffians to decide the country’s fate, nation’s destiny, and national secession and independence.

Is this something they should consider? Are they entitled to consider these things? They are merely some dictatorship.

Qualities and profession are indispensable for anything, especially politics, philosophy, culture, and economics. It is completely farce and trifling matter to ‘let some street hooligans and local ruffians’ to determine them.

Just like asking a peasant, who has been spending his whole life growing vegetables, to do heart transplantation. What is the difference between this and butchering a pig?

Is this something for this kind of unprofessional people?

Therefore, individual culture and private ownership cannot balance and coordinate benefit distribution. The unprofessional system of democracy results in undesirable extension of selfish desire. There are major shortcomings and loopholes in democracy and even democratic people say ‘democracy is not the best system’.

It is private ownership of democracy and individual culture that leads to the chaos of world fission, disintegration, and independence.