13、Japanese Culture

11 September 2014

We started to contact Japanese culture by cultural exchange at an early age.

I have watched many animations and spend almost all my childhood with Japanese animation and drama. Adou Ki, Ikkyu, The Flower Angel, Saint Seiya, Altman, Akira Kurosawa, Akai Giwaku, Doraemon, Ningen no shômei, Volleyball heroic woman, and so on.

I have a good impression of Japan. From the human nature that reflected from this culture, I can see positivity and justice.

Maybe it is the end of World War II that inspire artists to create, and ‘maintaining justice and defeating evil’ is the theme of that age, it’s easy to arise an echo.

But I have not watched TV for a long time. There is nothing that can touch me. Maybe it’s because Chinese people are living happy lives nowadays, they just don’t want to remember those miserable memories again. People forget about it, and only think about happy things.

But the Yasukuni Shrine affair makes me hate Japan again and again. There is something wrong with Japan, and this problem is getting worse.

I heard that the Japanese build Yasukuni Shrine in order to remember people who died for their country and hope to inspire people’s patriotism.

I know that Seiya, Altman, Kurosawa, and Adou Ki are all fighting for justice.

There is difference between fighting for justice and fighting for country. Maybe it’s hard for normal people to tell the difference of these two, but after such a long time, it’s not hard anymore to tell justice from evil.

We approve Japan because we saw them fighting for justice in their cultural works.

Just like no matter how many times he died, Seiya would never give up fighting for Athena and maintaining justice and peace.

But the truth is, the Seiya of the World War II is not fighting for Athena, but is fighting for Hades, and becoming the dog and hawk of Hades. Can’t you see?

It has passed for such a long time, can’t you see?

The only explanation for this is that Japan has been controlled by evil, and there is no one who can think like a normal people and tell justice from evil.

Why can’t they separate justice from evil? Why can’t they separate Athena from Hades?

I think we should launch a holy war to Japan, to save the Japanese who were controlled by evil. The only way to tell evil from normal Japanese is occupying Japan firstly and letting everyone vote.

People who agree ‘Hideki Tojo and his party are evil, we should blow up Yasukuni Shrine immediately’ are normal Japanese, and they are our brothers and sisters, we should take care of them.

People who disagree ‘Hideki Tojo and his party are evil, we should blow up Yasukuni Shrine immediately’ are not human anymore, they have been controlled by evil, and we should kill them immediately and clean the earth.

The Japanese have been controlled by evil for a long time. The rest of the Japanese should intermarry with other races to clean up the residual evil.

So Japanese are not allowed to marry with people from the same race, they need to intermarry with other people and use this to help them purify the human race.

The whole world should go and help them.

This is my wish.