12、Japan Should Immediately Destroy Yasukuni Shrine

10 September 2014

Although we have been saying Japan isn’t good in invasion or massacre, I still have a good impression on Japan.

World War II indeed caused harm to human beings, but it was the necessary stage in history. Human beings have to endure sufferings. I don’t think Japan should shoulder all the responsibilities.

However, Japan indeed has a problem from the perspective of Yasukuni Shrine. The conflict between Chinese government and Japanese government resulted from Yasukuni Shrine.

It is not necessary to rake up the past all the time since World War II was in the past. However, this problem has to be solved because of the existence of Yasukuni Shrine, or it will become an endless issue.

The existence of Yasukuni Shrine indicates the evil essence and inferior race of Japan, which is a serious problem. Yasukuni Shrine is not just a matter of worship, and it has to be destroyed, demolished, and removed immediately.

If the Yasukuni Shrine is demolished and removed, the responsibility of World War II will be borne by the arrangement of God. It has nothing to do with anyone, and everyone will still be good friends.

If the Yasukuni Shrine still remains, Japanese people should hold all responsibilities in World War II, and every Japanese person has problem and is deemed as demon.

A lot of Chinese people who have been to Japan think that Japanese people are people with quality, discipline, social morality, and civilisation. One example is that there will be no scrape of people on the ground after the holding of an outdoor meeting with a hundred thousand Japanese people. They think it is a civilised country and a paradise with high quality people. On the contrary, Chinese people often drop litter carelessly and do not have quality or morality.

At the beginning, I think it may be true, but viewing from the existence of Yasukuni Shrine, Japan has its problem. It is not civilisation, discipline, or quality at all. Japanese people are controlled by demons and have no humanity.

People with quality won’t avoid their mistakes on purpose. What is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong. Does it matter if you face it honestly? We have been taught to be honest since we were kids, which is also the root of life. Everyone commits error. Facing it honestly is quality. If someone covers it up on purpose and doesn’t admit it, he is doing something not a man should do but a ghost. He is like a demon and has the nature of evil.

They pretend to be what they are not. In fact, they are concealing the darkness and evilness in their heart from people and concealing the demon inside their body from people. Those demons are in the Yasukuni Shrine.

Those demons in the Yasukuni Shrine are controlling Japanese people all the time. The sense of discipline showed by them is exactly controlled demons and is also the expression of losing the nature of human beings.

Chinese people have no faith but worship money. Therefore, the characteristics they showed are exactly the nature of human beings and are the natural expression of it. They don’t queue up for bus and often run across the street, and like striving to be the first and like scratching everything.

It is the nature of human beings. Human beings are greedy and selfish. Just like a bunch of kids in front of parents make a fuss, and run back and forth in park with no constraint, no repression, and no punishment. It is called paradise and real life.

However, Japanese people are basically living in the country of demons and evils. They are timid and overcautious and are always enslaved by others though it seems no one is restraining them. Nevertheless, they behave meticulously and are afraid to transgress the bounds. They won’t even make a little mistake. That is neither life nor civilisation. It is occupied by demon and a world controlled by demon. Those demons are ghosts, souls of the dead and demons in Yasukuni Shrine.

Therefore, we need to blow up Yasukuni Shrine immediately. Only by destroying Yasukuni Shrine can Japanese truly return real nature of human beings, or they are slaves controlled by demons. They need help if they fail to save themselves.

I think American people have occupied Japan, but they seem to fail to learn lessons from Pearl Harbor. It might need multiple attacks on Pearl Harbor.

Since Pearl Harbor and World War II of Japan were led by demons in Yasukuni Shrine, Japan seemed to be occupied by the United States, but demons entered Yasukuni Shrine, showing the fact that what controls Japan isn’t America but those demons. Japan is not occupied at all but conquered. It is just a half-time interval to adjust status and continue the game. Hence, several attacks on Pearl Harbor are required or a serious one is required.

Perhaps American people are too pragmatic, only lay emphasis on material and don’t know about spirit. They hardly know that body is controlled by thought, thought is controlled by soul, and Japan is controlled by demons.

It doesn’t uphold justice in the real sense by controlling Japan in material and form. Justice is truly realised if they make demons disappear and make them go to hell.