11、Save Africa, Save the World

9 September 2014

I think the only way to save those silly children in Africa is, what I said, a ‘national integration policy’.

We should form a multinational voluntary army and take Africa forever. And then soldiers should intermarry with powerful local people, such as chief of a tribe, warlords, rich people, scientists, and the people who belong to the top 20%.

When considering about political system and culture, don’t use the individual capitalism that is being used in Western countries, it’s out of date.

We need to learn from the Chinese model and use state capitalism public ownership.

Copy what China is using, including labour education system, national policy, public ownership as the main body, the combination of private ownership of economic system.

Form a country and a regime by multi nations.

Do not believe in any religion, it’s better to have no religion just like what people do in China. I cannot see any promotion created by religion.

There are wars in the world every day, but no one is truly meaningful. The end of one war is the beginning of another.

I find out that America is tired of this and has no motivation, other countries are just in the same condition.

Remember what you did to South Union? Why don’t you be as motivated as you were? Come on.

I think all the civilised nations should think about it, and do something meaningful, just solve all problems at one time.

Do not start again and again while doing nothing, it would go back to the starting point.

People who don’t want to send an army can devote his or her money, we can also find some mercenary army or send our own army to take place Somalia permanently.

Keeping on supporting others is useless, nobody really works.

We should form united nation regime and promulgate a decree that local people can get a prize if they are exogamy, otherwise, they would be fined.

People of that race usually have low IQ, we need exogamy to help those silly children in Africa, optimise their race, and raise their IQ.

Those Western theories such as democracy, human rights, and freedom are rubbish and poison.

Only the Chinese model can save the world.