10、Death Penalty

31 August 2014

The death penalty is a penalty that lasted since ancient times.

Why should some people be killed?

It doesn’t mean I do not respect life. Because people’s ideology and soul can be replaced like a machine in order to solve the problem. Some souls and consciousness simply can’t be changed, it’s better to let them be born again than leave them in the world. Or they should never be a man. This is a relief for all.

I have ever experienced the religious extremist ideology, or religious fanaticism people. Their ideology is simply different from ordinary people. They are really like the evil spirit and completely different from logical thinking of normal persons. It’s simply impossible to have words with them. Only death can terminate all.

Although those people appropriate for the death penalty may not necessarily religious extremists, they must have done something that is a great harm to the society to reach the standards of the death penalty.

The logical thinking and souls of those people that have caused great harm to society are very different from the normal persons and undone. Only death can let them let them relieve, making us all free.

The capitalist countries are advocating and proud of the abolition of the death penalty, and they also self-complacent about abolition of death penalty as human rights and civilisation.

It is simply self-deception.

The most fundamental reason for the capitalist countries to abolish the death penalty is that they want to leave an excuse for their own sins, leaving a way out. Because the primitive accumulation of the capitalist countries was obtained in bloody, full of sin, we can’t say that they do the bad things absolutely, but at least all of them have done illegal things.

They are afraid of being punished, tried, or sentenced to death once their illegal acts were discovered. So when they are in their reign, they use their legislative power to abolish the death penalty. All the laws enacted by them are to make money for the capitalists or set in order to get rid of the sins. Of course there are a number of mainland laws.

They preach ‘democracy, human rights, freedom’, which all is to destroy the fairness, justice in spirit, destroying the law of God, destroying the revolt consciousness of the poor. Letting the poor have low self-esteem, letting the poor be in self-abandonment, letting the poor feel incompetent, letting the poor think that the rich are supreme, letting the poor forget original sin they had committed, the sin of the primitive accumulation committed by the poor makes them feel that the death penalty should be abolished. Original sin should be forgiven and neglected. Furthermore, this idea is considered as a culture, making the poor feel it’s the civilisation.

In fact, this is a trap, the more the poor feel incompetent and have low self-esteem, the more they think the rich are supreme. The more they feel the rich are justified, and they are incompetent. The more they feel the nonsense of the rich is civilisation and culture. The poor forgets the original sin of the rich, forgetting there’s justice. ‘A murderer must repay with his life just like a borrower with money.’

Due to the conflict of interests involved in the market, conflicts of interest with other business groups often leads to gangland-style killings and criminal acts.

There are a lot of people who are both gangs and businessmen like Liu Han. There are so many people in the capitalist countries like Liu Han, and they will try their best to make ways for themselves after mastering the legislative power, abolishing the death penalty. On the cultural publicity, the abolition of death penalty is the civilisation, which is to destroy the revolting consciousness from the spiritual perspective.

So the abolition of the death penalty advocated by the capitalist countries is an evil conspiracy. It is a travesty of justice. It is the disciple and accomplice of Satan.

The death penalty refers to some people do not fit to live in this world, and we need him to leave and to go to another world.

Now the society is in civilisation, we treat death criminals should be in the way of treating an unwelcomed guest and politely ask them to leave.

There’s no need to make a bloody cruel situation, neither should us feel of the filled hates. Although some people do very damn things, we have to ask him to leave, but there’s no need for us to be with hate feelings, and all ends as long as he leaves. There’s no need to hate him.

So we need to be polite at the time of conducting the death penalty. But our attitude should be firmly enough. Damn man must die, those people can’t be tolerated by the reason must die. Those people should leave must leave immediately. But we should politely ask him to leave.

There’s no need of the penalties such as beheading, burning, dismembering, killing, running over, etc.; it is not the execution of justice, but spread hate, fear, and evil. That is not to punish the sin, but to intimidate the living ones. That is unrighteousness.

The execution of the death penalty can allow the prisoners themselves to choose a way to die.

The death penalty may require the offenders to die by him in the specified place and time. Hanging, cutting, poisoning, and drowning are workable, and more commonly used. The ancient emperors use this approach to let the ministers die, I think the people in ancient China are more humane and civilised than current people.

The offenders may also request other forms of death manner. But they must leave the world in a specified place and time. Otherwise, the law enforcement officers will enforce the execution of the death penalty to force them to leave the site and leave the world.

The damn must die. But there should be easy to come and easy to go, this is civilisation.