9、The Root of the Chaos in the Middle East Is the Privatisation of Public Resources

22 August 2014

The Middle East is in continuous chaos, practically the focus of conflicts.

I know them by reading some news and related reports. In terms of political system, Middle East countries, Arab countries seem to be feudal monarchy, at least in essence.

Saddam, Gadhafi, even the president of Syria are all autocratic rulers of monarchy or similar monarchy, no matter what its form is, what it’s called, and whether they are kings or presidents. In essence, it is absolute monarchy.

That’s why the West detest them and practice the so-called democratic revolution. It does belong to autocracy in the perspective of Western civilisation, with some sense of genocide in it.

In my opinion, the chaotic Middle East is rooted in feudal private ownership or capitalist private ownership. It is simple that I have always been criticising those Islamic countries’ inability of doing anything else except for relying on oil.

Most chaotic counties are dependent on oil sale. The decrease of oil production rate in Syria and its drained resources led to conflicts and even wars.

The core question is whom the oil belongs to. I won’t even say the oil belongs to the whole world, at least it belongs to the inhabitants living on this land.

It’s said in the Bible that oil is a gift for some people from God, who bestowed the resources of this land to the inhabitants here, instead of somebody, some king, or some warlord.

Everyone on this land has the same interest right to these resources. And everyone on this land should equally enjoy the interest and benefits brought by these resources.

It’s bullshit in capitalism that it belongs to the developers. The developers should gain some interest, but only a reasonable part.

It can be calculated that how much you’ve spent in tapping these resources and how much profit you want. You can leave after we’ve paid you.

The exploitation and ownership of these resources are two different concepts. The repay gained from the exploitation of resources is limited, which can’t change the fact that the oil belongs to God and every people on this land. So the capitalist way is unjustifiable. And the feudal monarchy way is even shameless.

All lands under the heaven belong to the king; all people with land are the king’s servants. It’s even bullshit to follow the feudal monarchy way that oil only belongs to the king and it is the king who divides it to his servants.

Louis XVI has been beheaded for a long time. Anyone who says this should also be beheaded. So the only way to solve the problem is Marxism, communism, or state capitalism. The idea of Marxist communism will definitely be suitable in resource-dependent countries in the Middle East.

All oil and land resources belong to the country, with the ‘Three Represents’ party controlling and managing these resources on behalf of the whole nation.

The root of the Middle East affairs is that the oil resource belonging to God is taken up by a few people, with the others dispute and fight against it. And with racial problems involved, even some minorities holding a lot of resources, riot escalated into genocide.

I think they should establish the Communist Party, accepting guidance and help from China, with only the Communist Party in power, and representing like China the interest of the whole nation instead of a few people or only the communists.

In addition, China’s minority policies are also successful. There have been many campaigns and conflicts since the establishment of China, but there are no ethnic conflicts but divergence and conflict in ideology. So genocide is unfamiliar and unbelievable to us.

It’s well connected with the ethnic policies implemented since the establishment of China by Chairman Mao and Chinese traditional culture.

I think to change the chaotic Middle East, we should help them support the Communist Party in power to realise communism, Marxism, and state capitalism with the acceptance of China’s guidance in guiding principles government. Western countries, Russia, and China all should help them in this way. Anything other help is invalid, only leading a worse situation and more trouble.

Social elites in war-torn countries should learn Marxism if they want to gain long-term interest. Stability and peace can lead to the realisation of great expectations by sharing interest with the whole nation.