8、Countries Suffering from Wars Should Draw Lessons from the China Model

21 August 2014

The Western civilisation adhering to theory of human rights, democracy, and freedom is only a kind of relative civilisation. It should be said that the American democracy launched after the Second World War is a kind of improvement of the genocide, feudal war, and feudal hierarchy. Although it is indeed a relative civilisation progress, it still is not the ultimate civilisation. Even the Westerners themselves also admit that their democracy system is not the best system.

The China model two years before was not complete enough, and there were many parts remaining to be improved. Now I think the Chinese are quite wise. They can do things in quickly and well, which is beyond my expectation. However, the ‘Marxism with Chinese characteristics’ or the ‘state capitalism’ can provide powerful material guarantee and power for the Chinese people who want to construct a powerful nation and build a greater nation.

I believe that lots of people in other countries want to build a strong country of their own and would not allow their countries to be laughed at. But they only have the strong will to serve their country and have no opportunity to show their talents. As for a country, it needs to guide the people with money and unify the thoughts with great power in order to complete anything. None of them can be dispensed with. Otherwise, everything will be empty talk and nonsense. This is determined by the subconscious of people from any country. To do the things of people well, we must have these two things.

State capitalism can provide both of them for the national leaders and the leaders can make use of them freely. With the assistance of them, the leaders can achieve political ideal and ambition and construct the country well according to the original plan and the grand blueprint.

Democracy, freedom, and human rights are also a kind of tool and slogan used to oppose feudalism, oppression, and genocide, rather than statecraft. These things are inconsistent with the governance of a country and can only lead to turmoil and destruction, let alone any achievements. They only are a kind of welfare brought to the people by good governance in the future. We may entertain and relax ourselves after hardworking, however, we cannot earn money through entertainment and enjoyment. Entertainment is incompatible with earning money, and democracy, freedom, human rights are incompatible with good governance of the country.

After the policymakers of one country make a decision, the people must be united to carry out the decision without any objection and opposition to the implementation. If we adhere to democracy, freedom, and human rights, when can we get things done? Only by get things done can the people have a better life, and enjoy human rights and freedom. This is the democracy. In the terrorist incident occurring in Xinjiang province, thousands of the local residents tried to pursue and surround the terrorists who might be their clansmen, which suggests a deep love and cherish for human rights and freedom. And this can be called democracy.

I suggest that those war-torn countries should pay a visit to China to learn the Marxism with Chinese characteristics, or the state capitalism, and draw lessons from Chinese culture and national policies. You’d better follow China to walk a right way. The American pattern is outdated and is not worthy of learning.