7、Japan and World War II

19 August 2014

Japan and Germany launched World War II, which caused harms to China.

We grew up to say this thing on those days.

World War II is the doom that must be experienced by humans from barbarism to civilisation. The establishment of the United Nations and other fairs after the World War II indicate the progress of human civilisation.

Over the decades since I was born, I’ve felt the progress of human civilisation. In other words, people at that time were barbaric human beings, rather than the savage humans.

There will be fights in case of any disputes and conflicts between savage humans. However, the technological progress of humans has exceeded the progress of human civilisation, so that size of the human slaughter has been increased continuously, together with the increasing costs of conflicts, and the means has also become more advanced and efficient.

So the World War II is an inevitable phase of human progress.

Every time there are the words heard about the Japanese massacre of Chinese people, do yourselves have never had any massacre? Don’t you have ever disregarded human life? By recall, it seems the massacre scale is not small. But nobody has ever made the statistics and is reluctant to mention about this.

Of course, the words go in this way, the whole world must seriously sum up the experience and lessons of World War II and seriously face their own behaviour. It’s not ‘an essential step’ by denying fault in history, but it should be called as ‘nature shameless’ and ‘essence of evil’. This is not only for the Japan, but also the same to everyone.