6、Territory Dispute

19 August 2014

At present, the world has many territory disputes, including in China, and the large scale of conflicts over the world are connected with territory disputes.

This is a very sensitive topic, also a very practical one.

I think we need to face ethnic conflicts and territory disputes since they happen and deal with them in a positive way, the past way we addressed in is just east wind is against west wind, or whose arm is stronger determines them.

In my opinion, wars are for elite class to consolidate their status and expand their power at the price of sacrificing many lives, which are shamed behaviours and movements.

As for wars, my view is that like the Taiwan issue, people need to be allocated money and benefit from it, rather than wars.

Another reason for waging wars and forcing to wars is ethnic slaughter and ethnic hatred.

We at least are consistent with Taiwan’s culture, language, and words; without ethnic hatred, we even have blood in blood relationship. So some neutral opinions put forward by both of us are easy to accept for us.

But two ethnics with hatred is more difficult to talk about territory disputes.

The mainland and Taiwan with such family affection has great connection with consanguinity between Taiwan and us, most Taiwan people migrate from the mainland, they have relatives in the mainland, so both people do not have century hatred and hope peace and co-prosperity.

But for the blue camp, it is obviously seen that they have no trust in our mainland, because they do not have relatives in the mainland and are strange and not confident in the mainland.

In a perspective of the subconscious in the deepest inner heart, someone who has relatives in the mainland does not believe the occupation of Taiwan by the mainland is an ethnic clearance to them. But other local people in Taiwan who do not have relatives in the mainland are not very sure about it.

Although we know the government in the mainland will not do like this and the current government will not even do like this, inner fear and distrust make them instinctively be against to the mainland.

Thereby, my point of view is ethnic integration. Consanguinity is mutual trust and safety in the deepest consciousness between ethnics.

Wars are nonsense, but one kind of wars is meaningful, that is a war waged for ethnic integration.

In the past, there was victorious country requiring people in occupied region to sacrifice their first night right for making hybrid artificially. That was regarded as enslavement of occupied regions. But I think it is ethnic integration, of course, my suggestion is not first night right, but the legal marriage advocated by government massively, compulsively, perpetually. In this way, we will let hybrids to be chief administrator and deal with affairs in occupied regions for the purpose of gradually eliminating ethnic difference and finally eliminating ethnics.

If we occupy a region in order to plunder resources and enslave other ethnics and even kill each other, all of these are evil. But if we occupy a region for ethnic integration and elimination of difference between ethnics and long-term peaceful co-prosperity, such wars are meaningful.

This is the unique and perpetual and effective method for solving trivial things in the world.

Without other better ways, the way of whose arm stronger having the determination will make things worse and worse.

As for the issues of China and other surrounding countries, our leaders also have put forward some mediated methods, which are cooperative developing and sharing benefit. Why it has no effective, the simple reason is the problem of trust.

Ethnic integration is the unique method for solving problem of trust, without trust, the most suggestion is a waste, so is the signed contract, because it has no meaning.