5、Government Officials in Mexico Cruelly Exploit the People in Collusion with Gangs

13 August 2014

Whenever I think of Mexico, the same picture comes to my mind: government officials cruelly exploit the people in collusion with gangs.

Years ago, I read a post on the internet saying that public security is problematic in Sichuan. Gangsters would deliberately find fault with passengers and carry out blackmail, and no one would dare to interfere with such evil behaviour.

Then I commented with an explosion of feelings: ‘Bad public security in poverty-stricken areas is a consequence of some evil poor people who were turned evil because of deep poverty, while in affluent areas, bad public security is caused by the exploitation of government officials in collusion with local gangs.’

Unfortunately, my comment was later verified in facts. A large group of gangsters composed of people from various walks of life were found in Sichuan, from secretary of the provincial party committee to street bullies such as Liu Han. Wen Qiang and Gu Kailai, whose power stands between that of the secretary and street bullies, are also among such gangsters. Even their backstage supporter, Zhou Yongkang, is also related to gangsters in Sichuan. With the governance of such evil individuals, do you still think a good public security can be maintained?

Drug smuggling in the Golden Triangle is caused by the first reason—some poor people are turned evil because of deep poverty.

The same problem in Mexico can be explained by the second reason—government officials cruelly exploit the people in collusion with gangs.

It is a fact that except for this reason, there are still many other reasons for such a situation in Mexico. But we should find a way to change the status quo.