4、We Are Too Close to America While Too Far Away from God

12 August 2014

It seems coming from a Mexican president.

In recent years, many things in China are developing well. Despite a lot of setbacks, the overall situation of China is getting better and better. We could come to the conclusion that there is no major problem in China.

However, when opening our eyes to the whole world, we could find things in other countries seem to become more and more odd and outrageous.

The most odd and outrageous thing for me is what Mexican drug dealers have done and how the Mexican government acts evilly in collusion with vicious power.

Many confusing things in the world seem to have a reason, whether it is reasonable or not, except Mexico.

Many people were killed during the establishment of Israel and Israeli-Palestinian conflict for one high-sounding reason—the land originally belonged to the Jews.

Bin Laden implemented terrorism to fight against America also for one reason—America had deprived them of what they should have.

Some people engage in organ trading for a more reasonable reason—since the people in heresy organisations have already been sentenced to death, why should we not use their organs. I did not say this of course. I just agree that people in heresy organisations should all be killed. One time when I chatted with some impoverished people, I asked them whether they think it is reasonable to trade organs and that was exactly their answer, which made me feel very surprised. However, it could be told from one side that organ trading is reasonable to certain degree, even though it is absurd.

Irish Republican Army, Chechnya, and independent organisations in Kashmir feel they are being bullied by major powers and want to be independent. However, they do not possess strengths to fight against them, and they have no choice but to use brazen methods to implement terrorism and fight against civilians.

They all have a reason, whether it is valid and acceptable.

On contrary, Mexico does not have a reason. An independent nation that boasts itself as civilised, democratic, and developed is colluding with drug dealers and being manipulated by drug dealers.

The only explanation that I could think of is that democracy is garbage and poison, which could not save any person or any nation.

America has no reason to push democracy to any person, since it has meddled with its domestic affairs and should feel ashamed to advocate democracy.

Mexico should implement socialist, communism, or state capitalism. A drive like ‘Strike-hard Operation’ adopted by China in 1983 should be employed by Mexico now to kill all those drug dealers.

America has provided support for Mexican democracy and drug dealers for its own ideology.

America is indeed the chief culprit that makes Mexico far away from God.