3、North Korea Executes Artists

25 October 2013

The reason why North Korea executed artists is that ‘they gathered together to produce pornographic movies and sell them broad; in addition, they even preached religions underground’. If such things happened in the early 1980s in China, the related people would also be executed. However, nowadays when Chinese people see this news, they feel shocked and find it unimaginable.

China had done the same thing for the same reason on a national scale thirty years ago, which is called ‘Strike-hard Operation’.

Recent news has reported that there was a man sentenced to eighteen years’ imprisonment for robbing a hat during ‘Strike-hard Operation’, and the case was still not closed.

It has been over three decades and Chinese people and the Chinese society are making progress, while North Korea still remains in ancient times.

I was going to describe North Korean people as shameless, but on second thought, I find Chinese people a few decades ago were barbaric too and even more barbaric than North Korean people.

From this perspective, the human rights, democracy, and freedom pursued and boasted by Western countries really sound reasonable. At least, they are more civilised than the above-mentioned behaviour and are indeed a progress.

Nevertheless, I think human civilisation should continuously move forward and not remain in the presentation of ‘human rights, democracy, and freedom’. Substantial progress should be achieved in human civilisation.