2、How Long Can Harmony Last?

23 October 2013

Today, I see three state leaders visit our country, and they also exchange the anti-corruption experiences, as well as the property publicity of officials.

The situation of China is quite good. It is certain to be welcomed by other countries when China puts forward to respect other countries’ interests. It is a harmonious world to respect the interests of other countries. Respect other countries’ interests, admit other countries’ interests, and have common prosperity and common progress. We often hear this in the news before. It’s just a slogan and a kind of temporary political skills. I don’t care about that.

It is meaningful whether it can become a kind of Chinese culture and world culture going on forever.

After a few years, in changing a situation or changing a leader, will it be a different attitude to treat others? Chinese history and world history are full of these things. I don’t want to see them at all. Hitler also has said similar words that human nature is ugly and incurable.

I hope that, through the system and the spread of cultural concepts, the ugliness of human nature can be restrained.

The state capitalism system and the harmonious culture can do it. I hope that the elites who are responsible for the development of human beings can see this point. You should not make a fool of the ignorance of human beings to maintain your privilege.

Instead, I believe that the elites can get the deserving social status and wealth under the environment of the state capitalism system and the harmonious culture. Moreover, it is the permanent status and wealth.

On October 23, the previous leader of China has many regrets, and there are a lot of problems for the current government to do. However, it is also a kind of harmony to complete the leadership transition and to have the smooth transition of social changes.

As for ordinary people, we need social changes, and of course, we need social stability more. The problems always existed, and the things should be done one by one. After all, ideal and theory are beautiful, but politics and reality are complex and cruel.

This is merit and this is wisdom.