1、Respect the Interests of All People in All Nations

17 October 2013

Today’s news shows that the Chinese government has good diplomacy with the neighbouring countries, putting forward that we should respect the interests of all nations.

Human nature is really ugly. When there is a certain privilege, and win the power in some cases, people will always look down upon those poor countries and their people. They will always search for ways to maintain their privileges. It seems that they can be privileged forever, and exploit others forever.

It is so in business, and it can be called to protect the commercial secrets. It is especially true in politics, and it is called privilege. The caste system of India is still continuing now, and this is typical of the privilege and inequality.

Another manifestation of this privilege is the so called jungle law, preying on the weak law and the hegemony carried out by Americans.

It is because human nature is ugly and people will stick in the mud. Everyone thinks that his or her behaviour is correct, not accepting other people’s ideas and thoughts. Thus, they will not respect the interests of others at the same time.

It is a kind of the progress of human civilisation for the Chinese government to show the attitude when it is strong, respecting and acknowledging the interests of other countries.