120. The American’s Problem Is a Problem of Social System Rather Than the Trade Problem.

2 September 2018

Trump can be elected to be president of United States just because there are terrorist attacks. But now the Islamic State has collapsed, and Saudi Arabia also claims to enter a moderate Islamic era.

So the problem of terrorist attacks in the world has gradually disappeared. The foundation of Trump’s administration is also gradually disappearing. The fear and menace of terrorist attacks are less and less for people.

At this time, it should be considering of the question of political correctness. Otherwise, you have no value and people don’t need Trump to protect their safety.

Why you still come to power without any value?

Mr. Obama’s economic policies may not protect the interests of America’s workers at the bottom. But he tried his best to protect the interests of America’s big capitalists.

To the end, America is the actual capitalist country, or the era of big capitalists as what they finally said. So Trump still has to face the reality.
I have emphasized before that the problem of labors’ unemployment in America is not the trade problem, but it is that the capitalist social system has met the age of Internet and the artificial intelligence. The capitalist need not to employ workers but only need to hire robots, which is the fundamental cause of workers’ unemployment.

The fundamental way to solve this problem is to go on the way of China’s model for the whole world. Except of this, there is no other way.

Trump fights a trade war, which like he is quenching a thirst with poison and the loss outweighs the gain. Moreover, the ruling foundation will be greatly lost.

The so-called trade problem and the current trade form, which must have its rationality. It is a voluntary transaction between two parties—the buyer and seller.

Trump deliberately intervened in an artificial way, which inevitably leads to unnecessary contradictions and violates economic laws.

On this issue, I also think perhaps Obama’s policy is correct.

Because the politician in capitalist countries controls very few resources. What you want to be done may not be successful. So it will be better to face reality.

What’s your problem is not economic problems and trade frictions, rather than it is a social system problem. The capitalist system has come to the end when it meets the era of robots and internet.

It is no use for you to struggle again. It can’t solve any problem. Moreover, if you do not change the policy and do not conform to the current situation, you will be being deposed immediately.

People don’t need you to drive off the terrorism for protecting their safety. If you still have no correct politic, it is useless anymore.