117. Western Countries Only Can Delay the Perish of Capitalism if They Impede the Development of Internet Economy

1 April 2018

In the news, I saw Donald Trump against Amazon, and speak evil of Amazon.

Trump is a capitalism, I know he is protecting the capitalism, but he just points out surface phenomena and not points out the essence of objectives.

The essence of this matter is that capitalism will be completely destroyed by the robot economy and the internet economy.

I have clearly explained to you before that capitalism can promote social development only under the economic operation mode of “people hire people,” while capitalism will lose effect under the “people hire robot” mode.

Capitalism will be completely destroyed by the robot and the internet.

I look down on all the professors and all the politicians because they are called social elites, but they are fools and scammers. Because even if they know this simple theory, they dare not admit it, let alone to publicize it.

All the professors and all politicians in the capitalist countries promote this simple theory, which will lead to the collapse of all the ideas, cultures, social systems, and social operating systems of the capitalist countries.

Most professors and politicians in China copy and study western capitalist theories. They promoted this simple set of rules and also will give themselves a big blow right on their face.

All in all, all these people in my eyes are jackass. You are all idiots and scammers. In order to save your social status and your job, you are deceiving yourself, deceiving your students, deceiving your constituents, and deceiving all.

I believe that after I have proposed this, they all understand, but they dare not admit it, including Trump.

All countries in the west are hindering the development of the internet economy, because they want to protect capitalism, protect the ideological system of capitalism, protect the theoretical system of capitalism, and protect the social system of capitalism, impede and delay the collapse time of capitalism.

But they know very well that capitalism will be completely destroyed by the robot economy and the Internet economy. And it will come soon.

Including why Trump came to power, it also because of the development of the Internet economy and the robot economy, a large number of traditional jobs have disappeared, and a large number of traditional workers are unemployed. People began to see the traditional capitalist politicians and professors of the left-winger in crap. People are more and more aware of this fact, and they are less and less convinced of them, and they are increasingly thinking that they are bullshit.

The facts are facts, you can cover up, you can block, you can delay, but the situation will only get worse. Because the wallets in people’s pockets are getting less and less. You can’t deceive people’s wallets in their pockets.
The real solution to the problem is to face the problem.

Our current problem is not Amazon, Taobao, Tencent, Google, Baidu has destroyed people’s job opportunities. But the Internet and robots are going to destroy the entire theoretical and social systems of capitalism.

I heard that in the early days of capitalism, workers smashed machines to keep their traditional jobs. But workers can’t stop the development of machines and capitalism.

Some politicians in the west are now deliberately hindering the development of the internet economy, hoping to protect the capitalist system. Your current practice is the same as the workers who used to destroy the machine, it’s stupid and ridiculous.

No one can stop the development of Internet economy and robot economy, because they are advanced productive force.

Blocking the development of the Internet economy and the robot economy will only shoot themselves in foot. All the people understand this truth, but some people don’t want to admit it.

What we need to consider now is not how to prevent the development of the Internet economy and the robot economy from reducing the number of jobs for more and more people.

What we need to consider is under the circumstances of full development and rapid development of the Internet economy and the robot economy, how we can realize the rational distribution of social wealth, how we can adjust the economic relationship and political relationship between people and between people and society, how we can realize the scientific and effective management of the society.

We should find ways to make the Internet and robots bring benefits to all of people, so that all people can live better and better, instead of causing trouble for more and more people, let more and more people lose jobs. This requires changing the operative rules of society.

If everyone can know the problem we are facing, it can be easily solved. If politicians and professors in your country are all deceiving the people and misleading the people. You will never solve the problem and will soon be eliminated and destroyed.