116. Surrogacy Should Be Positively Popularized

5 March 2018

Recently, it is reported that a Japanese billionaire has nineteen children by surrogacy in Thailand. This is a very positive, clear and sensible action.

Surrogacy is the practice by which persons who would not like to or could not give birth to children have their children by offering sperm or ovum or germ cell and breeding in others’ intrauterine.

This is a very scientific and effective means to promote population growth and a perfect action beneficial to everyone.

In most cases, surrogacy means the situation when the rich who could not or would not like to give birth to children for fear of affecting work, making money, influencing career development or tolerating the risks of fertility pay to others to bear children for themselves.

The rich reach their own purpose and have biological children in kinship while others in need of money have a job and get money.

This action does not violate any human rights and meantime effectively reduces the gap of wealth. It is really a good thing that deserves great promotion and popularity. Moreover, it should be protected and normalized by law.

Those countries in face of sharp population decrease should positively advocate and encourage the rich to have children.

Most women after the climacterium would not have ovum and lose fertility but men could theoretically have fertility capacity at any age as long as they have sperm.

For instance, the Japanese billionaire be mentioned above could quickly have tens of, hundreds of and even more children by surrogacy.

Please do not take it as a funny game. Actually, it is a serious task and work which leaves tremendous influence on the state and the whole nation.

Many countries, including China, prohibit or restrict such ideal action legally. Some women also protest against such practice for fear of losing their family status and some children of the rich also protest against such practice for fear of the race for possessions with new children.

In most cases, such psychology reflects human ignorance, evil, jealousy for the rich, irresponsibility, impudence, and extreme selfishness.

While western democratic system provides a perfect legal protection platform for “human ignorance, evil, jealousy for the rich, irresponsibility, impudence, and extreme selfishness.” There are no other explanations for it.