115. Doctor of the Western Countries Should Suggest Patients to Take TCM Properly as Complementary Medicine

16 February 2018

I saw that cough is rampant in America in the news, causing fifty thousand people died. Some people believed that Chinese herbal cough syrup can cure cough, so they ate it.

TCM is the medical tools that God gives to ancient Chinese. The main medical principle of TCM is to stimulate the body’s immune and repair system, treat diseases, kill viruses and bacteria, and repair body organs.

The human body created by God has a complete immune system, killing harmful pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Our body has a complete self-healing system that can repair various organs of the damaged body.

People are sick because of external factors broken the balance of the body, such as diet, air, water, food, trauma, viruses, bacteria, etc.

The principle of western medicine is to kill bacteria and viruses directly with drugs. The principle of traditional Chinese medicine is to stimulate the body’s repair system, so that the body’s original function can kill viruses and bacteria.

I suggest that Westerners should properly study Chinese health care method and Chinese medicine treatment approach to reduce the suffering of patients and reduce the incidence of disease.

I rarely go to see a doctor, except for dentists.

When I feel uncomfortable or lose balance, I often go to the pharmacy to buy some medicines. There are more Chinese medicines and Western medicines. Each time I ate them, my illness would be cured in a few days.

I think many of the folk prescriptions and foods in China are very effective.
1. For example, if I feel every pain after I extract teeth and the pain killer also doesn’t take effect, and the pain will last for several days. Then I will use three handful mung beans to make a large bowl of soup and drink it all, the next day I almost can’t feel pain, If you are interested, you can try it, it’s very effective.

This is called reducing internal heat by mung bean on folk remedies. I think this is the mung bean that stimulates the body’s immune system and kills the bacteria that invade the wound, so it doesn’t pain anymore.

2. I also often cough in the autumn and winter seasons. If I don’t pay attention to treatment, I have to cough for a long time. So I also eat Chinese herbal cough syrup.

Of course, it is more economical and more effective to take Huazhou Orange and Chuanbei. Use a handful of Huazhou orange and a Chuanbei, and processing them with soymilk machine, then put it in a food bag, and preserve it in the refrigerator. Drink 2-3 times a day, 250 ml each time. Basically, the cough will be cured in two days. This is bitter, but it works.

Someone recommended me daikon in boiled water or daikon and spareribs soup. I used this for a few days when I coughed. Pear cream also works.

If I am in a hurry, I will buy all of these things and eat them together. The cough will be cured in a few days. Of course, I also buy western medicine sometimes.

China is now combining TCM with Western medicine. I think this is very effective. Which can solve the problem most effectively, and we’ll use their medicine. This is very scientific. Practice is the only criterion for testing truth.

If someone completely eat TCM because they pursuit it, or only eat Western medicine because they pursuit it—this is a cult idea. People need results, need to solve problems and need to reduce costs.