114. North Korea’s Agreeing to the Negotiation Means They Are Ready to Surrender.

5 January 2018

North Korea recently has agreed to negotiate with South Korea, in my view point, which is the beginning of North Korea’s surrendering to capitalism and imperialism. I have repeatedly stressed that the devil can only understand the sounds of steel and blood.

The United States has passed a series of military exercises, economic sanctions and compared the sizes of nuclear buttons have successfully let North Korea understand a word from the mankind.

Making the North Korea devil understood the voice of world’s people. But this is merely one word.

We need tougher sanctions, more threatening military exercises, more substantial military operations, and directly destroy North Korea’s nuclear facilities with missiles. Only this can make the devil understood more words from world’s people.

Because North Korea’s so-called negotiations are all lies, they are delaying and fighting for more time so that they can create more destructive nuclear weapons.

North Korea has conducted numerous negotiations before, but all results are same, those all are delaying tactics when they are in unfavorable situations.
The only content of North Korea’s negotiation is to ask South Korea to provide oil, food and chocolate, dollars, and so on. There won’t be anything new.

A complete and absolute material embargo should be imposed on North Korea, not a drop of oil, a grain of rice or any other materials are allowed to enter North Korea.

Meantime directly destroy the North Korean nuclear facilities. This is the solution to the problem.

North Korea’s agreeing to negotiate shows being tough to North Korea is the only solution to the problem. Anyone who advocates weakness and negotiation are liars or bastards. They are all accomplices of the devil who wear different clothes and speak different language.