113. Child Marriage Can Effectively Increase the Population

9 November 2017

A recent proposal to abolish child marriage in Pakistan, but it was rejected by Islam because it is Islamic law and Mohammed also engaged in child marriage.

1. Firstly, Mohammed’s behavior is in line with the social status before 2000. Such as child marriage, polygamy, rape of the captives, forced sexual slavery and so on. However, many behaviors do not accord with the current social status and the level of social productivity and civilization development. So we can’t say what Mohammed did before 2000, We’re going to do it now, and keep doing it forever. It’s a heresy.

2. There used to be child brides in China. People took other girls to their home and became their daughter-in-law. This is what poor people used to do. They were afraid that they would not have the money to marry wives, so they brought up the girl or baby girl in their home early and later became their wives in the future so that they don’t have to spend money any more. This is also child marriage.

Child marriage can reduce the cost of marriage, or no cost. But it also can achieve the goal, and can reproduce early, have children.

Some rich people and those who think they are civilized resent such kind of thing and call it persecution of women.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, and there’s no persecution behavior. And it’s very effective.

Poor people naturally have means of poor to achieve the goal. Poverty is no sin. It is a sin to discriminate against the poor, including the act and method of discriminating against the poor.

3. Countries with population shortages are encouraging early marriage, puppy love, or child marriage. Many western countries and liberal democracies are increasingly short of population because of capitalism’s promotion of human rights and freedom, while encouraging people not to take on any social responsibility. I think encouraging their citizens to get married early or get married as a child is also an effective way.

Legislators oppose early marriage and puppy love mainly because of academic disruption and social order. This is unreasonable.

Because human beings become sexual maturity after the age of thirteen, that’s the stage of middle school.

Middle school students are falling in love and having children. It is true that they waste their studies and destroy the school management order.

However, when “early marriage and child marriage” become the social mainstream and culture, “academic and school management order” will gradually adapt to “early marriage and child marriage,” rather than “early marriage and child marriage” to adapt to “academic and school management order.” Because “population science planning” is much more important than “academic and school management order.”

According to the jade female classic, the age at which people can marry is sixteen for women and eighteen for men.

I think the legal age of marriage in each country is about the same. China is the only country with the highest legal age for marriage for a rapidly shrinking population.

I think countries need to raise the marriage age if they want to reduce the population, and advocate reducing the legal marriage age if they want to increase the population. Or child marriage needs to be encouraged.

The legal age for marriage in Russia is fourteen. But Russia, with its shrinking population, badly needs to encourage child marriage and polygamy.

Iran, for example, has a large population because people can get married at the age of nine. This is very effective.

4. All in all, the way to encourage fertility is polygamy, the baby trade and baby adoption, early marriage, child marriage and the mass production of test-tube babies.