111. All Politicians Are Hoping to Pass the Bomb to the Next One, and No One Is Solving the Problem.

24 September 2017

The declarations of all the politicians of all countries on the North Korea issue have only demonstrated one problem, that is, they hope to leave this bomb to the next politician to solve, rather than let the bomb explode in their own hands.

In order to protect themselves and prevent the bomb from exploding in their own hands, they artificially and deliberately shelter and indulge the North Korea devil to develop nuclear weapons.

This is also why the devil’s living space, using this weakness of human nature, gradually grows from small to large.

North Korea, the devil, the longer the time, the stronger the ability, and the more people will die solving the problem. This is the simple truth that everyone understands.

It’s just that people are deliberately looking for various reasons and excuses to make themselves not believe in this fact. So all politicians are shameless, selfish bastards, and scammers.

In order to keep their own jobs, they will not hesitate to let their children and grandchildren suffer hundreds and thousands of times of disasters, they will not hesitate to become the protective umbrella of the devil.

The easiest way to solve the North Korea problem is to go to war tonight. The battle plan against North Korea should be at first to tentatively crackdown on North Korea military facilities and nuclear facilities. If North Korea puts Korean civilians as human shield and revenge targets, then immediately and completely destroy North Korea, use nuclear weapons whether on civilian or military targets.

This is completely reasonable and legal, and it is solving problems and being courteous. It is sinless to destroy the devil and kill the human shields. This blame must be attributed to those who kidnap human shields.

North Korea is the same as the Islamic State. They just kidnapped their own people and the Korean people and used them as human shields to confront the nations of the world. Other than that, they have no capital. However, this capital of human shield is unfounded and ineffective.

God will never compromise with the devil because the devil has kidnapped some human shields. This is ridiculous. If the human shield dies, God can recreate it. But the devil must be killed. So don’t pressure on God by killing many human shields. This is ridiculous.