110. God Permits the Total Destruction of North Korea

20 September 2017

As said by Trump, it is correct and righteous to totally destruct North Korea under the call of God. You have betrayed God for a long time. God also needs to kill the chicken to scare monkeys.

North Korea’s threatening to the whole world with nuclear weapon is a contempt for God, equity and justice. In this sense, North Korea is a demon. It has full reason to totally destroy North Korea.

Some countries provide protection as the umbrella for North Korea—the world-class gangsterdom to fight against the God, equity and justice all the time. They should be punished as the accomplice of demons.

Either nuclear pollution or refugee crisis is the cost that you need to pay as the umbrella for the gangsterdom, you do not deserve any sympathy at all.

North Korea presumes that it could get its own way as long as it has backstage supporters. North Korea is the chicken specifically to be killed to scare the monkeys. North Korea is a punch born to be chopped. However, it is totally fruitless to chop such a punch.

After all, the boast of Trump could not be realized in most cases. I question the integrity of Americans.