109. It Is Reasonable to Deploy Nuclear Weapons in South Korea.

8 September 2017

Many countries have proposed “denuclearization” on the Korean Peninsula. This is correct. But the so-called denuclearization is not to read the manuscript on the stage but secretly support North Korea in the development of nuclear weapons. This is a conspiracy, this is unfair.

Whoever proposes denuclearization should solve the “nuclearization” problem of North Korea within the stipulated time, and North Korea’s nuclear weapons are becoming more and more mature with the help of some people. This time is one month. Within a month, no matter by what means, representing they are solving the problem, otherwise it is a conspiracy.

Through the denuclearization guise, it is actually secretly helping North Korea developing nuclear weapons.

If the North Korean nuclear issue cannot be resolved within one month, then the deployment of nuclear weapons in South Korea is reasonable and just. Solving this problem is very simple. It only takes one second to remove some people.

This matter should be done by people who proposed North Korea’s denuclearization, not Americans or Japanese or Koreans.

You can make your own choices.

- There are nuclear weapons on both sides, or no nuclear weapons at all, within a month.

Otherwise “denuclearization” is a conspiracy. There’s no use in discussing it. No one is stupid.