108. With Five More Nuclear Tests, North Korea Could Be the Permanent Member of the UN.

3 September 2017

It is worth celebrating that today, North Korea conducted nuclear test again. With five more nuclear tests, North Korea could be the permanent member of the UN, after which the world’s affairs, big and small, will require the approval of General Kim to be implemented. What a glory this is. There is no need to worry about the protests in other countries. The permanent members of the UN, the UN itself, the European Union, and South Korea, etc., are all sissy. They just make pompous but empty show of their power and influence. They only make address on the stage and express regular opposition. Beyond that, there would be no concrete action. After all, North Korea is a recognized sovereign state in the world. Nuclear test is a legitimate conduct within the scope of sovereignty.

Other countries have no right to interfere. Don’t worry, the dissenters will go home and continue to have fun after finishing the address. There will be no substantive action.

Making address, having fun, lighting candle, sending wreath…is a routine, and has been repeated for hundreds of years, nothing new.

According to news reports, many Americans are preparing graves and coffins for themselves.

Recently, the luxury tombs and coffins which are called underground shelters by them sell like hot cakes in the United States at price 2,500 dollars.

They are afraid that no one prepares their funeral after death, so they buy the coffin in advance, lie in it and stay for a few days to feel the environment.

This is known in China as “deeply dig cave and widely accumulate food.” The revolution has not been successful, and General Kin still needs to work hard.

When you enter the UN one day and North Korea become a permanent member, I will write hymns for you. At that time, please give me a special treatment. This is another great success of human rights and democracy.