107. The Right-Wing Forces Are Holy Warriors. They Are Protecting Their Homes and Civilizations. They Are Fighting against the Devil.

25 August 2017

Recently, there have been protests and rallies by right-wing groups in both the United States and Europe. I think their actions are a sign of the awakening of justice. They are protecting their homes and civilizations. They are holy warriors of God. They are fighting against the devil.

In recent years, there have been more and more vicious Islamic extremist terrorist attacks, and every terrorist attack has a group of holy warriors awakening. They need to take weapons and fight against the devil.

Spain, which loves peace, has also been attacked by terrorists. This suggests that Islamic demons are not retaliating for the bombing of Syria, but to attack civil society and free society. They want to turn the world into a demonic world. All of us need to take up arms and fight against evil.

Resolutely defend God, defend civilization, defend our own homeland, banish the evil spirits of Islam.

Islam has made no contribution to the modern civilization of mankind other than the birth of children and the plunder of global resources. Now they are going to attack the whole world, and the devil will conquer the world.

There are two types of people who oppose the right-wing forces.

One is Islam. The other is the sympathetic supporters of Islam. One is to conquer the world’s demons, and the other is the devil’s sympathizers.

Why are they demons? Because in civilized society, the devil takes the Koran and believes in it. The Koran is an anti-human and anti-civilization book. On closer inspection, almost all the articles in it are illegal, and anti-human, and anti-civilization.

The result of our right-wing struggle is that all people in the world must recognize. All the articles of the Koran are illegal and anti-human and violate human rights.

If the whole world recognizes this, our struggle can end. This means that the devil has been defeated, the devil has been locked in the bottle. As long as someone doesn’t admit it, he’s the devil, or the agent of the devil. We must protect our homeland, we must protect our civilization, we must fight against the evil.

For this is truth and justice. The man who struggles for truth and justice is the holy warrior of God. You right-wing forces are now holy warriors of God.