106. The News That an American Car Rushed into Crowds Is Fake News

17 August 2017

A car crashed into the protest crowd in Virginia a few days earlier, and caused many deaths and injuries, which has caused strong repercussions from all walks of life in the United States.

I don’t think people should read such news or affairs by superficial phenomenon simply and make the simple judgement and understanding like a pupil. They should see through the appearance to perceive the essence by wisdom and reason to treat these issues.

Fake news has always been there, and the masses have always been manipulated and fooled by the devil. Meanwhile, they have to pay for the devil too.

People who have studied history should know that Hitler had a conspiracy of “Reichstag fire.”

In order to attack his opponents, Hitler personally plotted and created the “Reichstag fire,” and then imputed to his political rival—the German Communist Party. He declared all non-Nazi parties illegal so that the Nazi party was in complete control of Germany, which resulted in all the vicious incidents by Nazi Germany, including slaughtering the Jews and the World War II.

I think the “incident of the car crashing into the crowd by the right wing” is the same conspiracy as Hitler’s “Reichstag fire.”

The purpose is to discredit the right wing forces, so that the patriotic act and activity of right wing seem illegal and violent.

We can also see a series of fake news from the news of the past two years. Some evil forces want to achieve their ends by concocting fake news.

The most obvious example is the photograph of the dusty little boy sitting in a chair in Syria. Some evil forces tried to discredit Syrian government army to overthrow the government of Syria. They paid to setup a nominal medical organization called the White Helmets, with a movie also called The White Helmets. The film was even given the Oscar prize in order to expand its influence.

We have a lot of facts to prove that the White Helmets organization has no basic medical knowledge at all. They even stabbed a child’s heart with a thick and long needle. As a result, medical experts pointed out that if the child was alive, the operation would immediately stab the child to death.

The White Helmet was just a joke and a hoax. Some people spent money to setup it, and their only purpose was to make fake news.

The news of “The dusty little boy sitting in the chair” was just another fake news made by the White Helmets. It turned out that the little boy and his father were staunch supporters of the government army. A large sum of money was given to the boy’s father, who was required to leave Syria but refused.

The father later told reporters that the explosion could not prove to be a bombing by government army because he didn’t hear the sound of the plane. The White Helmets snatched the little boy from his father and placed him in the chair for a photograph. The little boy was frightened just because his father left. Some reporters even cried again and again on seeing the photograph.

We feel very funny right now for another fool was tricked but still cried in front of the camera, which were all the evidences of being fooled.

In fact, it’s not just the reporter, but all of you were deceived by the devil. Anyone who has seen and believed the photograph has been deceived by the devil. And you’re also used by the devil to be against the government of Syria.

Such things are so common. Trump has always been complaining that the media is making fake news to persecute him.

I haven’t looked into it one by one, but I’m sure Trump is absolutely right. The media has been making fake news to persecute him.

In the same way, let’s now see the “incident of the car crashing into the crowd by the right wing” again. It is fake news obviously. They are the same as the White Helmets in nature. Some people made fake news on purpose. They hired extras and performed evil acts intentionally. However, the difference was that the show really caused a lot of innocent casualties this time.

I am not indifferent to those innocent people who have been killed and bruised for no reason. You were dragged into a carefully planned scam by the devil, and you became the extras of the devil without performance expense.

We should not condemn the right wing rally by mere superficial phenomenon. We should focus on the boss behind the scenes for the incident.

Who plotted the crashing car incident? Who gave the order? Who paid for it? Who hired the extras?

I suspect that the “incident of a car crashing into the crowd” is not accidental. It is the usual way of people who are against Trump.

During the period of US presidential campaign, there was news disclosing that evil forces maliciously hired vandals, tramps, and psychopath to destroy Trump’s rallies, and planned violence incidents.

I believe that this “incident of a car crashing into the crowd” is also the violent incident they planned.

They’re devils, and we need to find them out.