105. India Should Conduct the Land Revolution and Religious Reform to Overthrow the Landlord Class, Then Submit to God.

7 August 2017

My understanding of India is mainly from some movies and news, as well as historical knowledge. India has a large and growing population and a basically stable social structure. From these two points of view, India’s culture is basically a success. This is the basic purpose that God wants to achieve.

India did not have a major revolution in the past decades, so their social system basically continued the ancient feudal culture and social system, that is caste system.

The caste system has a basic logic same to that of China’s feudal system, in which everyone has a certain social status and stable social relations in the society, and the status and relations are strengthened and maintained through the caste system.

In addition, the caste system also maintains and strengthens the private ownership of the land.

In China, the feudal system is known as its persecution and oppression on the people. The Indian caste system and the private ownership of land are also utilized to do the same thing on its people, just like the Chinese feudal system.

Chinese netizens have given India such a comment—India has a large population; the poor possess extreme poverty while the elite class is very strong. This phenomenon is caused by the private ownership of land and caste system, resulting in the popularization of the persecution and oppression on the underclass.

The US often issues some negative reports about Chinese human rights, and China certainly gives tit for tat.

If China and the US can divert their attention toward Indian human rights, the reports are expected to be far more excellent than the reports about the former’s issues.

How many violent murders do occur in India every year, how many women are raped every year? How many farmers have committed suicide because of poverty? How many women are burned by their own husbands? How many young people were killed by family honors? How many poor people are there in India? How did they survive?

How did India persecute low casters? How are Indian officials corrupt, how did the officials collude with bandits?

India has a lot of touching movies in which the shooting level is good, the stars are beautiful, and songs and dances are also attractive.

But the reason why some Indian films are so touching is its true reflection of serious social injustice and cruel human persecution, the persecution of landlord class on the poor as well as murders and violence.

Whenever I see these touching Indian films, I am more aware of my goals. I am going to help the Indian people who have suffered hardships and to help them to overthrow the landlords of India. If the landlords are unwilling to surrender, chop their heads off. Because the land belongs to God rather than the landlords of India and they use the land and wealth of God to persecute the people of God, they shall repent and be transformed and even be wiped out in case of resistance to transformation.

I have to admit that the private ownership of land, feudal system, and caste system created the prosperity of the population of India and the stability of social order. The underclass is used to accept poverty, oppression, and exploitation, as well as the society stability under premise of compromise.

However, where there is social progress, there will be changes in social rules.

God has checked this land, India has its positive aspects that can be praised and affirmed, but in some aspect, it needs to be repaired within a fixed period.  
Indians have another problem, some of them worship the demons. God said in the Bible that many contemporary people “worship beasts and beast statues but abandon God.” The worship idols of Indians are demons. The Indians now believe in Hinduism rather than previous Buddhism.

Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam are indeed orthodox religions preached by God. They have a clear scripture, and God explicitly requires the believers to practice in a certain way.

Hinduism, despite its abundant believers, has no any scripture that God has revealed, these believers have betrayed God and it is a cult. The idols they worship are not God nor the messengers of God but are their own invented demons.
The worship idols of Indians have no human form, but the Bible clearly tells people God has made man based on his own appearance. The worship idols of Indians have no human form at all, so they must be demons. We can simply judge from the shape.

India needs a land revolution to share the wealth of God with the whole people and to realize real fairness and justice. Secondly, it needs a religious reform to abandon the cult and to forbid the worship of demons, they shall submit to God.

Otherwise, all religions around the world will launch a jihad against India. All believers of God will launch a jihad against India because of the betrayal of God. Indians like to fight, I’d love to fight back. Let’s make a fight and solve the problem at once. Do not argue back and forth on sovereignty because it is useless.

I think Kashmir, Sikkim, and Bhutan, and other Indian states need to be independent. Each state has its own language, culture, religion, land, and population. No ethnic independence, no protection of their own interests.

Only ethnic independence can ensure the interests of each ethnicity. Or your interests will not be protected, you will always be subject to the persecution, oppression and exploitation of Indian landlord class and cult class.