104. Reproductive Rights Should Be Transferred in Market to Solve Aging Population Problem.

20 July 2017

Now many western countries in the world are facing with aging population problem which is basically caused by monogamy and the dissemination of feminist thoughts. It is an action that opposes God and also the consequence of people’s pleasure seeking and refusing to assume responsibility.

Population control is a very important indicator of the scientific and reasonable system of social management. The population going out of control, no matter decreasing sharply or increasing rapidly is unreasonable and is the failure of the society management.

Of cause, the safeguard of human rights which is proposed by westerners is reasonable. However, this leads to the sharp decreasing of the population. At best, this is the failure made by social rules.

At worst, it is the demon which is objecting the God and the fairness and justice of the society. People are incredibly self-serving. The selfish desire is booming in the society. All of these are the representation of destroying the society management. This is an action which objecting the God.

Human have the right of giving birth to a baby and also have right not to, which is the safeguard of human rights. I agree with this.

Human have the right of marrying with a woman and also have the right of marrying numerous women at the same time, which is also the safeguard of human rights. You need to accept my opinion.

On the one hand, the government should make a plan. Figure out how many people are needed according to the most reasonable plan. Then make out each woman should have how many children on the basis of statistics and calculation.

Fertility is fertility while plan is plan.

Woman has the right of giving birth and the right of not to while the government has the planning authority. These are two different concepts are not affecting each other and this is the separation of two rights.

I think the establishment of transferring reproductive rights system can settle the out of control of population, prevent the irrational expansion of the population as well as prevent population decline.

For example, the government can give reproductive rights to each woman at certain years according to the practical situation. Each one can have two, three, or more children. People have the right of giving birth and the right of not to. The woman who does not want to have children can give their reproductive right to the others who can exercise her rights instead. With this market, people will make deals about it. Reproductive rights will be transferred. The rich can buy more reproductive rights. With more reproductive rights, polygamy becomes legal.

When the wife cannot fulfill the reproductive rights task or refuse to fulfill, the husband can have more than one wife. More reproductive rights need more wives. This is not only reasonable and legal but also fair and just. With this transferring reproductive rights system, population quantity of different families can be controlled and planned. Rich families need more children to inherit family property and promote family glories.

Rich families need more children. They need outstanding children to inherit the family property not those do-nothing ones. But if the children are not that many, thousands of millions of dollars will be inherited by a black sheep, which is a waste of social resources.

In China, we can see much negative news about the offspring of wealthy families are reported every day. This is caused by monogamy. The rich family cannot have enough children to select outstanding ones. There is only one child in the family, so the child fears nothing.

When being worse than parents, the certain population will face declining. If some people don’t want to have baby and also don’t want to transfer their reproductive rights, the government can rule the lapsed time of reproductive power, when time is up, the owners will be forced to transfer this right to others freely.

Reasonable planning and transferring on reproductive rights can make it legal, which accords with polygamy and can solve all the problems.

I find that India and Islam, and African blacks make a great deal of low-quality people. They have an instinctive impulse to start wars and launch terrorist attacks to rob others’ land and resources. Their lives are cheap, so they need to digest surplus population. There is no way out.

The Europeans refused to give birth and the population declined. They introduced Muslims to pay taxes and pensions for their elderly, which makes Europe become Muslim, Muslim cultural invasion, and unceasing terrorist attacks.

The Japanese also refused to give birth, and they did not introduce Muslims, so the economy fell sharply. I think Japan should do a good fight with China, and then give itself to China so as to save time of both sides.