102. Biological Evolutionism Does Not Conflict with Creationism

29 June 2017

A theologian once told me that nowadays, many Christians believe in Darwin’s theory of biological evolution rather than creationism. As far as I’m concerned, creationism does not conflict with biological evolutionism.

First of all, I recognize creationism not because I am superstitious to God, but because there are too many things that cannot be done win human power. For example, all of most classic ancient books at home and abroad like Tao Te Ching, The Book of Changes, The Inner Canon of Huangdi, The Koran, The Bible, Buddhist Scriptures, etc., are not what human beings could achieve based on their cultural and technological level in ancient times. Since all things evolve from quantitative change to qualitative change, so do culture, scientific and technological knowledge which are accumulated and inherited step by step. There will be no 2 without 1, and no 3 without 2. Thus, all these knowledges are revealed by God.

Meanwhile, in our times, there are many phenomena that cannot be explained by human beings such as qigong, aliens, ghosts, soul, etc. All these objectively exist, but human beings are unable to explain them with science and technology.

However, creationism can give a logical explanation of all these and it is the only logical explanation by far. So I think creationism is credible.

I have not seen God, but God’s creationism is the only logical interpretation.

This is the truly realistic interpretation, because those who do not recognize things that cannot be explained are also idealistic, they belong to another kind of idealism. But I recognize all things that can be explained scientifically and those that cannot be scientifically explained. So I am the real materialist.

And those who do not recognize the creationism of God are idealistic. They and theologians are both idealistic, the former of whom follow their own heart and the latter believe in God. They are all idealists.

Only I am a materialist. I admit all the things that exist objectively and use science and logic to rationally explain and understand them, so as to know the world.

Biological evolution and creationism are not contradictory, I believe in the creation of God, because it is the only logical interpretation, yet I believe in biological evolution as well, for it objectively exists, and I have no reason not to believe it.

A reasonable explanation is that God created all the living creatures that have the function of evolving and adapting to the living environment. Living creatures do evolve, but it does not mean that biological evolution can explain the origin of life, which is ridiculous.

For example, biological evolution may turn 1000000 into 1000001, but it absolutely cannot make 0 mutate into 1000000 all of a sudden, which is ridiculous and unscientific, for things experience from quantitative change to qualitative change.

Those who stubbornly insist that biological evolution can explain the origin of life are liars rather than scientists who do not even understand the most basic scientific principles. I’ve proposed this viewpoint long ago, and I re-discuss it again today.