101. God Created Human Not Intended to Be a Shepherd

25 June 2017

Based on the view of Christian, I think people can be divided into two types: the one completely believing in the Bible, the other one completely believing in science.

They can be called idealism and materialism. However, some of Christians believe in science, and some of scientists believe in Christianity, so they cannot be simply classified as idealism and materialism.

All people seem to explain the world with their own utilitarianism. They admit what is beneficial to them regardless Christianity or materialism. Therefore, most people have no principle but material gain.

There is also another type of people who completely believe in God or completely believe in science, at two extremes.

Those who completely believe in God are theologians or pastors. They believe that God is omnipotent who can master everything but completely abandon substance creation and science.

While another type of people completely believes in science and technology, laugh at theologians and completely deny God. They have created countless excuses and reasons for the bad things they have done:

For instance:

1. Homosexuality is a human right and freedom;

2. Drug taking, drug trafficking, murder and exemption from death for capital crime are human rights and humanitarianism;

3. To support for Islamic extremism and terrorists are democratic politics and freedom of religious belief;

4. To endow animals with rights equal to or higher than human is animal protectionism and humanitarianism;

5. Refusal to procreate offspring is a basic human right and protection of women rights, leading to serious aging of population;

6. Children refusing to support their parents can protect children’s basic human rights and economic interest;

7. It’s also wife’s basic human right to refuse to have sex with her husband, and even some women charge for this;

8. Having sex with animals; having sex with animals spiritually.

I believe that the reason why there’s such a huge difference among people is that the brain memory capacity of human is quite small and CPU speed is quite slow, so they are unable to operate such a complicated program and thus can’t see this real world clearly.

They install a program when they accept a thing, so they have to uninstall another program and abandon another thing, idea and logic. Uniformity cannot be found for they are on two things that seem to be contradictory.

I believe the two opinions are not contradictory. The reason why people consider them contradictory is that some people make the opinions antagonistic to each other deliberately for the purpose of their power and influence.

Materialists can consolidate their political power and govern the countries if they wipe out idealists.

Idealists can rule the countries as popes or founders of a religion if they wipe out the opposed religious sects and materialists.

The correct opinion is that God created everything, but he didn’t want to be a shepherd. People who are thirsty ask God for water and who are hungry ask God for food. God has been regarded as a nurse, but he didn’t want to be a nurse or shepherd.

All of your inventions created by science and technology are given by God. After reading many classic ancient books, I begin to realize that those inventions were completely beyond the scientific and technological level of human at that time. They were given by God to the ancients.

For example, it’s the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine that Shennong tasted hundreds of herbs, providing China with medical service for thousands of years. From the perspective of materialism, this is an objective reality, and materialists must accept and admit the things exist objectively; otherwise, these materialists will become another type of idealists rather than materialists.

The westerners who do not recognize traditional Chinese medicine are not materialists at all but idealists. They actually deny science rather than believing in or studying science.

And the so-called western materialists regard what they can explain as science but deny the existence of what they are unable to explain. This is also a kind of idealism, absurdity, psychosis, and paranoia that need treatment.

God never wants to be a shepherd but hopes human have high scientific and technological level, and human society can gradually develop with more civilization. Therefore, God is giving science and technology to human unceasingly.

So I would like to criticize those who can only read the Bible but ignore science and technology. They don’t know science or technology, business deal, inventions or innovations, culture or art, farming, management of social science or maintenance of household appliances. For God after creating human not only taught human to respect and thank God, but also promoted social development and progress gradually, in which science and technology, culture, art, economy, agriculture, and social management were needed.

All of these should be mastered and understood. At least, they should not cause any social conflict and contradiction. On the other hand, in addition to transforming and developing the society by making money, people should also bear in mind that “God keeps his eyes on you.” The fairness and justice of this world is the standard and bottom line of human behavior.

People should follow fairness and justice as well as the will of God when they do anything. The will of God can be regarded as fairness and justice.

You can do anything and make much money within the scope of fairness and justice because God will bless you. God will punish you sooner or later if you violate fairness and justice and you will receive retribution for any bad things you have done.

You should follow fairness and justice constantly, hold out the bottom line of conducting yourself and refuse to do anything offensive to God and reason if you revere God.

We should not only hold out the bottom line, but develop science and technology energetically, make efforts to transform the earth and our living environment and develop human civilization.

The above two aspects are exactly the real intention of God creating human, and neither aspect can be neglected. Otherwise, all people need to be repaired and judged for they are not complete. We should examine ourselves in these two aspects constantly and then make corrections, which can be regarded as cultivation.

People’s CPU speed was very slow and memory capacity very small so that they couldn’t operate complicated programs in the past. Now people have made great scientific and technological progress with more developed brain and can understand more things. People need to cognize the relationship between the world and God and between substance development and fairness and justice in a comprehensive way, instead of doing something stupid and paranoiac. Human should develop and cultivate themselves in an all-around way.

A Christian sent me an e-mail to me to talk about the problem of good and evil, and I want to reply him like this.