100. Britain Proposed That Internet Regulation Was Used to Fight the Devil. It Was Only to Capture the Shadow of the Devil, Not the Devil Itself.

6 June 2017

Britain finally improved after two successive transits terrorist attacks, and finally proposed to attack “evil ideology” but the proposed method was Internet regulation and banned people from making speeches. This is a kind of progress, but it was limited progress.

Firstly, you did not propose that “evil ideology” is Islamic ideology. You even dared not mention the devil’s name, and how dare you mention to beat the devil. It’s a sheer joke.

There are various ideological channels of communication. Regulating the Internet to stop the spread of Islamic cults is to make groundless accusations. What should be attacked is the footprints of the devil, not the devil itself. This kind of strike is a little childish. It is pure pediatrics and nonsense.

You even dare not mention the devil’s name, so defeating the devil is a wishful thinking. It is pure joke, pure nonsense and pure obscenity. If you really want to kill the devil, you must first face the devil and shout out the devil’s name loudly. “Islam is a cult, and Islamic cult created the devil. We should burn all of the Koran, destroy all of Islam and uproot Islam.”

The Koran turns humans into demons and thugs. The Koran lets terrorists kill our innocent civilians in a variety of means in the streets and on the battlefield.

And God also had set a self-destruct program in the Koran.

The Koran 17:86, And if We please, We should certainly take away that which We have revealed to you, then you would not find for it any protector against Us.

God is almighty, who early knows the Koran will do harm to human civilization. So God asked the Koran ruin itself after running a certain time.

Present Islam is controlled by the devil, not God. So the Koran and Sahih Muslim must be destroyed immediately. This is the war against the devil itself, not catches the shadow and footprint of the devil. This sentence in the Koran is the sword in the heart of the devil which can kill devil. Any other effort is invalid.

You should let all the people all over the world, all the experts and scholars, all the media, and all politicians discuss this sentence and topic well.

Everyone should learn to take up the sword to the devil, it is the ideological war. In this way, you can win and kill the devil.

If you even dare not mention the devil’s name, while you tried to kill the devil, it only shows that your terrorist attacks are too little, your blood is too little, your people die too little. Europe needs more terrorist attacks, blood, explosion, trucks rolling, knife ax chop and so on.

It also shows that the jihadists do not work hard or seriously and cannot fulfill the mission of Allah. Your seventy-two virgins will be discounted, and your virgin originally belong to you will need to be assigned to someone else.