99. The Paris Climate Agreement is an oppression of vested interests against the poor

1 June 2017

According to Maslow’s theory of human needs, humans’ safety and physiological needs should be met first before they seek spiritual needs.

However, some Western politicians who represented the vested interests proposed the Paris Climate Agreement, which is actually an oppression of vested interests against the poor.

At present, Western countries are confronted with numerous social problems, such as grim social security, terrorist attacks, serious drug problems, overflow of homosexuality, and soaring unemployment rate. With these problems unsolved, people are forced to sacrifice their jobs and the social security for the sake of environment, which is ridiculous.

China’s active participation in the agreement is quite normal. Because China has basically realised an effective management of the society, they don’t have problems of public security and employment. Hence, based on the social management, it is reasonable for China to raise a higher requirement and a broader target.

However, it is ridiculous for Western countries to propose the solutions to worsen the employment and social security when encountering more and more serious social disturbances.

Hence, it makes sense that Trump considered the Paris agreement as China’s plot to knock down Western economies.

Because China develops very well, while the West is in a mess and is becoming worse and worse.

At this time, they are still asking the society to shoulder the environment issues and let these issues exert huge negative impacts on the economic development and social security.

Social security is closely connected with unemployment rate. Without jobs, people have to rob and steal to survive.

Under such an economic downturn, further requirements in environment will worsen the employment and lead to higher unemployment rate, which will consequently deteriorate the public security environment.

It is right to protect the environment. But environment protection should be based on a good social management, social security, social employment, and economic development. Otherwise, it is just a plot.

It is not a plot of China. China is just a participator. It is a plot of Western vested interests such as technology bosses, Internet bosses, celebrities, etc. Regardless of the current situation, they raised the climate agreement at an inappropriate time. 

To reach a good social management, Western countries should nationalise the wealth created by God, nationalise the land and mineral resources just like China, and realise an effective and scientific management of the society according to the Chinese model.

Otherwise, they are shooting themselves in the foot and will take the consequences.

They should first sign some documents such as ‘Agreement of Burning Koran’, ‘Agreement to Execute All Drug Dealers’, and ‘Agreement on Public Ownership of Land’, and talk about Paris Climate Agreement after they have realised a scientific management of the country and solved the problems of employment and social security.