97. The solution to the North Korean issue and other issues is to support one party and defeat the other

30 April 2017

I have seen too many battles among human beings which are a kind of deep-rooted bad character as well as a human nature. Humans always think they are right, which is opinionated.

We need just and fair ruling.

Through just and fair rulings, we’d better support one party and defeat the other, to stop the battles and end the unnecessary fights.

Just like the fights between Israel and Palestine—these shall be stopped by ruling the victory of Israel, or it will never be ended. There will be millions of conclusions on the conflicts between Israel and Palestine among millions of people. Then the conflicts and arguments can never be ended.

It is ruled in the name of God that the Jews are justice who gain the victory. Arabs don’t believe in God, and then the problem can be solved by driving the Arabs out. Why should the Arabs get out? Because it’s God’s words, approved by God. Hence, they have to get out.

The conflicts between the Shia and the Sunni have been through thousands of years, for Sunni supports fundamentalism, the IS, which are evil. Therefore, Shia needs to be supported and the fundamentalism needs to be defeated; this is justice. Some people in Western countries still don’t know whom to support, so they are confused. Some Western politicians even took the money of Saudi Arabia and deliberately made trouble. This is destroying justice.

The same is true of the battle between the United States and North Korea. One party needs to be ruled as justice, the other as evil. The issues can only be solved when supporting one party and defeating the other.

The malignant tumour North Korea will grow bigger and never be ended if it could not be cut out as soon as possible. It’s time to solve the issues now.

I see somebody in China still confused now, saying some words to blur the line between right and wrong.

Some Chinese people feel like they are God, criticising both the North Korea and the United States sides. Is it meaningful to say that? Can they solve any problem?

Will the North Korean people or the Americans listen to you? All the people of pro-China faction in North Korea have been killed by the dictators and the self-proclaimed emperors. No one will listen to you. Nuclear test and missile will not be stopped just because of your words. No one asks you Chinese people to be the judge. Saying these words only makes people laugh.

The issues on Americans’ vital interest cannot be solved. The life and property safety of Americans are threatened by North Korea’s nuclear weapon and their crazy, mad, and failed ruler. No one will listen to your Chinese people’s nonsense.

The solution to North Korean issue is to judge who is just and who is evil, or who is more just, and who is more evil, then help the just party to defeat the evil party. In this way, the problem can be solved.

I have summarised six charges of North Korea; therefore, they are evil which needs to be eradicated. The United States is the richest in the world, hence America is the just, which needs to be helped and supported.

Am I a snob? I am a snob. Performance is vital to business; the result is vital to the thing. It’s obvious who has good result and performance between America and North Korea. Anything else being said is nonsense.

People around the world need to stand on the side of the United States, the justice side, including Russia and China. We need to wipe out North Korea—this malignant tumour—before it outbreaks. It is justice and fairness and in line with the interests of the whole world.

In my opinion, Chinese should help the Americans to eradicate North Korea, and then the Americans help the Chinese to solve the Taiwan issue. Thus, everyone solves his own trouble. This is business, and this is also justice and fairness.

We should not always hurt each other, consume each other, and argue forever for unnecessary conflicts. But we need to cooperate to make money, which is the serious thing.

I am most bored and disgusted about this never-ending arguments and conflicts. The problems can never be solved by these meaningless words. We need to solve the problem right now, immediately.