96. ‘No trading, no killing’ is poppycock

31 March 2017

Recently, there is a piece of news that China bans the sale of ivory and rhino horns to protect elephants and rhinos from becoming extinct. This is absolutely a fraud and nonsense.

The deal of rhino horns and ivory would not cause the extinction of elephants and rhinos. Conversely, it can make more breeding of elephants and rhinos.

The key problem is not to ban ivory and rhino horns, but to open the sale and purchase of ivory and rhino horns.

We all know the human beings carry out mass slaughter of cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks and pigs, but no one has ever said that slaughtering cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, and pigs can cause extinction of cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, and pigs.

On the contrary, the more cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks and pigs are killed, the more they will be, because people need to rely on them to make money.

The same is true for ivory and rhino horns. It is not buying and selling of ivory and rhino horns but the wrong way in which people get the ivory and rhino horns that has caused the reduction of elephants and rhinos.

Now the way to get the ivory and rhino horns is that some poachers kill elephants and rhinos, which will lead to the decrease of elephant and rhinos populations.

The right way is that all governments of Africa cut off ivory and rhino horns of all the elephants and rhinos and sell them to Chinese or others in the international markets. This way won’t kill elephants and rhinos. Maybe after a period of time, ivory and rhino horns will grow out again and you can continue to cut them off for money without killing elephants and rhinos.

Because elephants and rhinos have no use value if they have no ivory and rhino horns and no one will kill them again. This is the right way to protect animals.

The elephants and rhinos are the wealth of God given to Africans. Those white people make up ‘no trading, no killing’ and ‘animal protection’ lies in order to make you poor forever.

Those who believe their nonsense are the greatest fools. However, Africans’ average IQ is only 70 or so, but the average IQ of the white is 90, so Africans believe the whites’ lie. They are so benighted and pitiful.

Ivory and rhino horns are just weapons that elephants and rhinos use to attack animals of their kinds in the estrus.

You should saw their horns and ivory in a planned way. When their teeth and horns grow to a certain length, you can saw. And elephants and rhinos should be encouraged to have more baby elephants and rhinos, and then you will have more ivory, rhino horns, and wealth.

As long as the number of rhinos and elephants is growing, those animal protection organisations must shut up. It is the same whether elephants have tusks or rhinos have horns or not.

God is fair and gives the Africans a lot of wealth. Ivory and rhino horns are a great fortune to the African governments, like gold and diamonds. You neither know how to exploit and utilise nor have right ways to make money, so you live in poverty from generation to generation, which resulted from ignorance.