95. North Korea is an unscrupulous country.

20 March 2017

North Korea denies it is an evil state. It states that the United States is hegemonic, the troublemaker, which is unreasonable. 

Whether North Korea is a rogue state is related to the behaviour and purpose of this regime.

What is the behaviour of North Korea and what purpose it has can be seen very clearly by the whole world, too numerous to mention.

North Korea’s evil act can be summed up as a word—unscrupulousness.

An unscrupulous and stupid king needs to be overturned, killed, and anybody will have the right to punish him. This is Chinese traditional culture, which every Chinese knows. It is also God’s revelation to ancient Chinese.

North Korea is the demon who fails to understand humans’ language but simply understands demons’ language. So except for force elimination, no language can be used to communicate with North Korea, because they are all demons. Except the language of demons, humans’ words cannot be understood. Except the sound of steel and blood, the North Koreans, who do not understand any human words, cannot be communicated to with any human language.

As a result, apart from the force elimination, any other sanctions, consultations, negotiations, condemnation, protest, and N-party talks are purely nonsense, which is purely helping the demon to delay the time in order to make the demon create much more nuclear weapons with greater killing ability so that the demon has the ability to kill more people.

North Korea does not change its nature, that is, the demon that needs to be killed; if the demon doesn’t die, good people will have to die. The longer the time, the greater the loss. No matter how many people die, things should always be resolved.

Under the circumstance, I have to sort out the scandal North Koreans did and report to God, to the world. There is a proverb in ancient Greek: ‘Apart from your own, no one can insult you.’

I am telling the truth and I do not want to insult the North Koreans; it is they that are insulting themselves.

The following are their actions. I just slightly make a summary.

1. North Korea invests heavily in the development of weapons, and people are living in misery.

North Korea put most of the country’s foreign currency earnings into the development of nuclear weapons, completely disregarding people’s livelihood. Actually, North Korean people do not need nuclear weapons at all, which are only tools used by autocratic rulers of the DPRK to maintain their dictatorship, dark, brutal, and evil rule.

North Korea, regardless of people’s livelihood, spares the effort of the whole nation to develop nuclear weapons threatening the world, including Beijing, so it is purely a worldwide troublemaker, an extreme organisation, a terrorist organisation and evil regime in the form of a state. Since it already possesses the ability to use nuclear weapons to attack the United States, China and neighbouring countries, it needs to be immediately overturned or eradicated.

2. Treating human life as if it were not worth a straw

North Korea’s ruining human life is the news people take delight in talking about around the world: sometimes using dogs to bite people, using anti-aircraft guns to crush people, and sometimes executing a group of people, making their family members onlookers. Furthermore, the reasons for execution are varied. Even dozing people are to be executed, which is the world anecdote. Fortunately, I did not go to North Korea to be an official, because I am sleepy when having a meeting and feel dizzy on reading a book. One hundred lives are not enough to use.

Mexican drug dealers, in order to intimidate competitors, often create terrorist murder incidents, so it is a demon’s standard equipment, treating human life as if it were not worth a straw. The North Korean authority is a standard demon, so we need to ask God to eradicate North Korea.

3. Do not believe in the Lord, worship idols, worship the demon

North Korea, in order to achieve the rule of evil, dedicated painstakingly to fabricating Mount Paekdu descent fraud, specifically deceiving the ignorant and uncivilised North Korean foolish people, which is called obscurantist policy, so as to achieve its evil rule.

China also has people with pure royal descent, but after liberation and labour reform, they have become complete labouring people. This is called communism.

How can communism create a new royal descent to deceive people and maintain evil rule?

Mount Paekdu descent fallacy is a lie and fraud, completely against Marxism, communism, and materialism. They are not communist at all but complete feudal dynasty and reign of terror, cruelly oppressing and exploiting the common people, wrecking the country and bringing ruin to the people.

Unexpectedly, North Korea is still under the communist banner against the United States, which is completely a thief crying, ‘Stop, thief!’ It using anti-America and anti-capitalism as a slogan, but in fact is the conspiracy and scam to maintain its evil rule.

All people with Mount Paekdu descent need to be knocked down, overturned, and given labour reform.

People with Mount Paekdu descent are riding on people’s head, brutally persecuting people’s reactionary warlords, who are not saviours at all.

4. Kidnap the DPRK and South Korean people as human shields to realise the ambitions of emperors from generation to generation

People with a little common sense all know that no matter how North Korea develops nuclear weapons, it cannot defeat the United States. Why does North Korea again and again provoke the United States?

This is the transfer of domestic contradictions abroad. It is creating an opponent and imaginary enemy abroad, transferring domestic people’s aversion to the hard times and their rebellion against the evil dynasty. And finally achieve its evil rule.

Why is the North Korean evil regime, aware of the fact that it is not the opponent, still against the United States? Because all North Korean and South Korean people are human shields of the North Korean evil dynasty. They kidnap North Korean and South Korean people as human shields, as a chip to oppose civilised countries.

This tactic is exactly the same as the Islamic fundamentalism of Islamic terrorist organisation. There is no difference.

All the blows to the human shield are innocent, and kidnappers ought to be blamed for this. It was those kidnappers that killed human shields. What the opponents of the demon did can only be considered as accidental injuries.

A force attack on North Korea, no matter how many people die in it, is innocent, all the guilt attributed to the North Korean authorities, the evil dynasty against God.