94About North Korea, China shall maintain justice instead of being an ally

9 March 2017

The IS will be completely done soon. However, except IS, I think, the world’s worst villain should be North Korea. We shall discuss and come up with a solution to make them go to God for punishments.

IS has said that what they did was in line with Koran written by God. I can only say that the ancient laws have been already not applicable for modern civilisation any more. They were wrong with the laws. Or in other words, the laws of God were abused by the demon.

What North Korea did had nothing to do with God; instead it was totally the behaviour of demon.

In fact, North Korea is not an ally of China at all. The North Korean government killed all people friendly to China in their country, through which we can see it is not an ally of China.

Since North Korea is not our ally, we Chinese should do official business according to official principles and maintain justice.

Where does the justice of the North Korean problem lie? What is the justice on the North Korean problem?

North Korea is completely evil, unreasonable, and unjust on the confrontation with the US.

The US is a country with developed technology, economy and the world’s leading living standards. However, North Korea is totally on the opposite side. It is backward in technology and economy, with its people in extreme misery. Besides, North Korea is ignorant of repentance, using nuclear technology that we do not know where they got to compete with the US. The barbarous, cruel, ignorant, backward, and evil country wants to attack the US, a civilised country.

Therefore, North Korea is injustice. We should make them go to God with Baghdadi to have their punishments.

If China can’t get North Korea as ally, it should pursuit justice and stand on the justice side.

What is an ally? Pakistan is an ally. We cooperate with each other to deal with difficult issues.

What is not an ally? They make oral agreement but, in fact, kill all the people friendly to China. This is not an ally. Instead, it takes advantage of China to be its scapegoat.

This is very simple logic. Why can’t many people see this? Just because some agreements were signed by Premier Zhou Enlai and President Mao, we should be a scapegoat for generations. Things are different now, and we Chinese should face the reality.

I find that some people said that North Korea’s nuclear facilities are very close to China. And if the USA attacks North Korea, then there will be nuclear pollution to China.

However, the damage and pollution will be serious with longer time, the same as the Taiwan problem. The sooner you resolve the problem, the less you will lose.

China shall move all the citizens near the North Korean border and then allow Americans to solve the North Korean problem by military means.

There will be more people dying from the problem if we don’t solve the problem. It is a very realistic problem.

God will not compromise with a demon even if there will be many people dying.