93. The criticism that China destroys American employment is unjustifiable

25 February 2017

A recent documentary criticises China for destroying American employment.

This criticism is prevalent all along; for example, China is always criticised in all previous American presidential elections. It is not something new, but this problem should be made clear.

1. Criticisms on illegal employment and forced labour are unjustifiable.

Diligence has been valued in the Chinese traditional culture since ancient times. Laziness is looked down upon and repelled in China.

However, laziness is a basic human right in the Western society. Democratic people have rights to seek government relief and government subsidies rather than find jobs by themselves.

This has caused bad consequences. If this problem is made clear, all the problems will be solved.

Should people work hard? Should people stay lazy? Do people have rights to work hard? Do people have rights to stay lazy? Since Westerners are lazy, should Chinese people be required to be as lazy as Westerners?

What do democratic people think of this problem? What do Chinese people think of this problem? What does God think of this problem? This is the key to all problems.

Labour supervision and the minimum wage standard are mandatory in China. If the employment is made according to the Chinese labour law and regulations, it should not be called illegal employment. The length of the work time is agreed between workers and the employer, and the employer pays for the overtime work. Mutual consent without force is legal and justifiable in the overtime work.

Chinese workers are the most anxious when they have no work to do. Too much work is not a problem at all for Chinese workers.

Some Chinese workers want to earn more money, so one Chinese worker may do several jobs, which is legal in China. It is a basic human right for a person to do jobs according to his ability and energy. If the overtime work is mutually agreed and paid, it is completely legal and justifiable.

Therefore, it is unjustifiable for Westerners to criticize Chinese people for working overtime to reduce the production cost. Westerners think they have rights to refuse the overtime work, while Chinese people think they have rights to work overtime.

From the perspective of human rights, people have rights to control their own bodies, so people have rights to accept or refuse the overtime work. The overtime work is not forced but mutually agreed in China, so it is unjustifiable and violates the basic human rights for Westerners to criticise Chinese people for working overtime to reduce the labour cost.

In addition, America criticizes China for reducing the labour cost by working overtime.

In fact, the present Chinese labour cost grows increasingly high; so many enterprises have been moved to South-east Asia and Africa. According to Westerners’ thinking, Southeast Asia and Africa should be criticised rather than China. China and Western countries are fellow sufferers now.

2. Whether the products made in prisons should be sold on the market

Why are people sent to prisons? Why criminals are reformed through labour? That is because they need to compensate for their committed crimes. Criminals compensate for the society through labour, and they transform their souls and correct their behaviour to conform to the social norms.

Thus, the products made in prisons should be treated the same as the products made in other factories. In addition, prison products reflect the redemption of prisoners, so prisoners should be encouraged to work and the products made by prisoners should be supported by the government and consumers. Prisoners’ guilt can be relieved, and prisoners can be better reformed to conform to the social norms if consumers buy the products made by prisoners.

Crimes, drugs, ganglands, and violence spread in Western countries because of lack of the social reform system. America and Western countries, Mexico and Brazil in particular, should learn from the system of indoctrination through labour. If prisoners are required to work and are transformed, they can create value and make contributions to the society. Moreover, we should purchase the products—fruits of labour—made by prisoners to help them better get rid of evils.

How to understand guilt and measurement of penalty varies from person to person.

The mandatory labour in prisons makes people afraid of prisons, so people will do good deeds and develop themselves positively. Meanwhile, vice is punished and virtue is rewarded.

If prisons create a comfortable environment like the nursing home where all the living conditions are satisfactory, people are willing to commit crimes and be sent to prisons. Many citizens commit crimes intentionally in Western countries in order to enjoy the comfortable environment in prisons. In this situation, good people are forced to commit crimes. The deficient social system of Western countries turns good people into bad people and reflects its primary defects.

Prisons are operated at costs. If running at a high operation cost, prisons will become a heavy financial burden of the government and fail to achieve good development. The balance of payments helps prisons to realise the sustainable development. The mandatory labour of prisons, managed properly, is legal and justifiable because it not only turns prisoners into those who create value and make contributions to the society but also relieves the social burden, which is the perfect social management system.

Given the poor public security in Western countries, it is infamous for Western countries to criticise China’s maintaining the Chinese social security.

3. The competitors of American enterprises are not Chinese enterprises but the Chinese government.

It is justifiable for the government to preserve the interests of enterprises and people. Instead of safeguarding American enterprises, the American government criticizes that deed of the Chinese government about safeguarding Chinese enterprises. This is undoubtedly the defects of the social systems in America and Western countries rather than the problem of the Chinese government.

If the government cannot preserve the interests of people and enterprises, whose interests is the government preserving?

In other words, the American government is just preserving the interests of large American enterprises because if these large enterprises are moved from America to China, Southeast Asia, or Africa, which are relatively low in labour cost, they can earn more money.

The government of America and Western countries are only serving capitalists and preserving the interests of monopolists without protecting the interests of people. This is the defect of the social systems in these countries and has nothing to do with the Chinese government.

China is an integrated system, while western countries are in a state of disunity. The trade deficits are caused by the social systems of western countries rather than the Chinese system.

4. China’s high energy consumption pollutes the environment

Data show that Chinese enterprises consume six times the resources of American enterprises when the value of USD 100 is created. Chinese people earn money at the cost of polluting the environment.

However, in fact, America and other developed countries move those high-energy-consumption and polluting enterprises to China and other underdeveloped countries to protect the environment of their own countries. Thus, America and other developed countries produce high output values at low energy consumption.

In fact, China is not polluting the environment. Instead, America moves the polluting enterprises to China, harming the health of Chinese people.

The fact is that American people enjoy the beautiful environment in their own country while harming the health of Chinese people. However, some Americans claim that Chinese people are polluting the environment. America is playing the trick of a thief crying, ‘Stop, thief!’