91. Essential difference between populism and Nazism

23 January 2017

It is absurd that the Pope equates populism with Nazism today.

Just as communism does not represent the Cultural Revolution, nor does it represent the Soviet Great Purge, populism also does not represent Nazism.

The Cultural Revolution, the Soviet Great Purge, and Nazism are almost the same as the present Islamic extremism; all of them are a kind of ‘God showing what is the result of abuse by mankind’. Just like God gave mankind gas, some families are with the gas poisoning, and some families are with the gas explosion; all are the result of the human abuse. It does not mean that those families using gas will have the explosion and will be poisoned. There is no problem with the proper use of God’s gift. There will be the problem if God’s gifts are abused.

The Cultural Revolution, the Soviet Great Purge, Nazism, and the current Islamic extremism are God-given communism, populism, and the Koran. They are the result of human abuse.

Populism is not God’s gift but the original intention of God’s creation of humans. God divides mankind into different languages, different colours, different ethnic groups, different races, different sizes, different cultures, and different countries so that human beings can guard their own land and safeguard their own interests. All ethnic groups compete with each other to promote the development of history. For this, there are also records of Babel in the Bible.

If there was no competition with each other, human society is now estimated to be still the same as the original tribes of Africa.

So it’s God’s will for all countries to safeguard their own interests. The Pope says it is Hitler, and the Nazi act. It can only show that religious magic disappeared after 2012, and it cannot lead the human civilisation; all are nonsense.

It’s the truth to maintain the interests of the nation, but there is also a limited scope.

If Hitler put the Jews out of Germany rather than kill them, there is no Nazi issue at all. If Hitler’s actions to safeguard the interests of the nation were limited to the domestic revolution, there is no issue of Nazi Germany.

Hitler launched the world war, which was beyond the scope of the interests of the nation. On the other hand, human beings are brutal, ignorant, and evil; the wars that killed millions, tens of millions of people and political movement frequently occurred in the pre-world-war society and the country. Nor can the responsibility be attributed to Hitler.

Just because human beings now have nuclear weapons, there is a balance of terror, which is with too great lethality, and then people invented human rights, democracy, humanitarianism, etc. If there is no nuclear weapon, all the killing acts won’t be stopped, as people stick to their old ways.

About the discrimination against coloured people, discrimination against women, discrimination against Mexican drug dealers, discrimination against Muslims . . . This is not discrimination, but it is to seek truth from facts. We should first to face the problem if we need to solve the problem. We need to admit the problem first when facing the problem. The recognition of the problem is the recognition of the facts.

Coloured people, women, Mexican drug dealers, and Muslims are special; their particularity is objective. Anyone who does not admit the objective thing is a liar, and it is lying, is the conspirator.

Special things will be treated specially; this is the truth. This is also common sense.

Not admitting the objective is the cult and the behaviour against God.

Real existence is the existence, none is none, and black is black, white is white, right is right, wrong is wrong. Not admitting the truth and fooling the people is against God.

1. Men’s subconscious is different from that of women, and the starting point of thinking about the problem is also varied. Because of this difference, women are fit to do something and not suitable for doing something else. It can be discussed regarding to which things are fit, which things are not suitable. But it is a fact and also a truth. Not admitting this point is ignorance and the cult.

2. It’s clearly written in the Koran that the pagans should be killed and thrown into Jahannam. Is this the truth? Is it antihuman and anti-civilisation? Is it necessary to remove the antihuman, anti-civilised provisions of the Koran? These people are not allowed to enter the civilised country if those provisions are not removed. Those radical Muslims killing people are cults, and those whites who do not admit the fact are also cults, which is another kind of cult.

3. Whether the drug proliferation in the United States is mainly caused by the Mexicans—this is also a fact.

4. The culture of coloured people, especially blacks, leads them to be with low quality and high fertility rate. Is this in the plundering of living space of the whites?

The poverty in Africa is also caused by this culture. Some of my businessmen have told me that it’s true in some countries of Africa and South-east Asia. They are with very low IQ, and they disgust labour. They only give birth to babies, thus there’s high fertility rate. Most of them believe in Islam. This is a fact and the cause of their poverty. This is also a cultural difference. This cultural difference in the developed countries will seriously affect the quality of life of the local people and plunder the survival of the local people.

Why do Americans implement TPP and seek economic globalisation? Because the big capitalists can use these low-quality people as cheap labour to earn more money for them. However, it’s a resource plunder for the whites of the country.

We do not admit that there is the cultural issue of the coloured people and African blacks and Islam, and this issue can never be solved.

We need to admit the issue, and then let the coloured people and African blacks and Islam also admit the issue and let them have changes. This issue can be solved completely. Do not admit this issue will never be solved.

We need to modernise the ideology of coloured people and African blacks and Islam.