89. The founding of Israel is contradictory with homosexuality

10 January 2017

I have seen many homosexuals in Israel. They always parade with a rainbow flag.

This is contradictory with the founding of Israel.

The only legal source of the founding of Israel, which is called the Promised Land, is the Bible, while God hates homosexuality most and God buried the once most prosperous city, Pompeii, with the fire in hell.

If Israel still allows homosexuality to stay in its country, the founding of Israel shall be eradicated from the earth for it exists without legality.

On the one hand, citizens founded your state by using the name granted by God. On the other hand, you condone homosexuality, betray God, and do what God hates most. You are taking advantage of God! You are fooling God! This is unforgivable.

Homosexuality is monsters, untouchables, psychotics, and disciples of demons.

The best way I can come up with is to gather the homosexuals all over the world and put them on two islands, where male homosexuals stay in one and female homosexuals stay in the other. And we should send warships to guard any entry and exit. No one is allowed to get inside or outside. They should be isolated and cannot influence humans at all. I suppose we only offer them some water and food if necessary, but nothing else.

Live or die shall be determined by God.

By doing this, homosexuals will become fewer and fewer and finally these demons and monsters will be eliminated.

The reason why we design toilets in homes is that we need to deal with excrement. Likewise, human society also needs to set up homosexual island to deal with these social trash.

Like attracts like. Demons need to stay where they should, monsters need to stay where they need, psychotics need to gather where they need, homosexuals also need to gather where they must do. And humans should live with human so that the society can be maintained with order. People with same outlooks of value can help each other and agree with each other. 

God hates homosexuality. Man needs to convert to God and draw a line with homosexuality. If so, they can get blessing by God. Homosexuality should be expelled to the small island and they can love each other forever. Anyone who has sympathy for homosexuality can go to see God, talk with him, and make him change idea.

God already wrote his attitude towards homosexuality in the Bible early. And Pompeii can be the best proof.