88. The appropriate establishment of the EU shall give priority to the interests of white people

2 December 2016

It is great and right for European countries to set up EU with which labour turnover and resource sharing can be realised regardless of restriction of land and nation. It is a good idea to set up an organisation for mutual help, and Europeans made it real, which is beneficial.

EU is set up for common interests in order to provide more chances for wealth.

However, it is pitiful that someone losing his head introduces a large number of Muslims and blacks at the expense of interest of the white in order to achieve his personal values and ideals, and flaunt ‘greatness, honour, and correctness’.

I’ve never thought about destroying the EU; it is you yourself that drive EU to the brink of collapse.

Someone ignores the foundation of EU—give priority to the interests of local people.

EU is an interest group which is formed for the benefit of everyone. This is the true and essential foundation and basis.

It is true and essential foundation of EU to give priority to protecting the interests of the local people and the white. But someone has ignored it.

EU is an economic community rather than a moral community or a community of political correctness or charity.

Business, interest, money, and safety are all realities.

It is nonsense to discuss items other than those above.

It is proper to defend the interest of local people. God divides human beings into different colours, races, nations, and cultures. Each nation shall maintain their own interest and realise their own value. That’s God’s intention.

The demon looks like a human. You oppose God and embrace the demon when you are giving a hand to Muslims.

You are acting against God if you accept the alien and do not carry out ideology and cultural transformation on them. You think that you are more intelligent, capable, powerful, and greater than God.

The exile of refugees is the punishment and expedition of God on demon.

Muslims prevent refugees from escaping and regard ordinary people as human shields. It is clear enough that they are demon rather than human. But Europeans and Americans do not admit that and pretend to be blind. They also help the demon, arm the demon, and provide the demon with weapons, funds, technological support, and political protection to go against God.

There is nothing wrong with cultural integration and inclusion. But are Muslims also inclusive? Do Muslims accept the transformation by Western society? Are Muslims fused with Western culture?

Have you ever read the Koran? Is it permitted by Allah?

Recently, Indonesia witnessed the protests of 100,000 Muslims. What did they ask for? ‘Muslims are never ruled by heretics.’

It is clear that Muslims will not be assimilated by any culture but will only assimilate other nations, which is written in the Koran.

The so-called culture inclusion you wish is merely self-deception.

You will get nothing except harm to the Europeans, Christians, and the white.

Europeans love indulging in a life of pleasure and comfort, engaging in homosexuality, and refusing reproduction, which leads to population decline. It is anti-God, which is recorded as ‘Babylon the Great, the mother of prostitutes and abominations of the earth’ in Revelation by God.

Because of population decline, you want to import Muslims as cheap labour to pay pension to support the retired.

In fact, the introduction of refugees and Muslims is not for cultural inclusion, nor is it possible to realise cultural inclusion, but to make them as cheap labour to pay pension. This is the truth. But it harms the interests of the local people, the white, and allies seriously.

EU shall be aware that the first and foremost task is to protect the interests of European whites and Christians. It is nonsense to talk about others.